Understanding App Distribution

When you have completed an app, you’ll want to distribute it to other users, either for testing or for sale. App distribution remains one of the more complex parts of app development. The process is neither simple nor intuitive. But you need to set it up only once.


You can distribute apps only if you’re a paid-up iOS App Developer. To use the information in this chapter, you must enroll in the iOS Developer Program, as described in Chapter 1.


Your app must include both standard and HD icons and launch images before Xcode allows you to distribute it. For more details, see Chapter 10.

In outline, you can:

bullet_2c.tif Upload your app to the App Store. To do this, you need to create supporting “paperwork,” which includes screen grabs for the store, as shown in Figure 13.1, supporting icon images, supporting marketing text, and—ideally—an external website for both marketing and support.

bullet_2c.tif Distribute your app for testing, using Apple’s “Ad Hoc” distribution system. You can either email testers a copy of your app for installation through iTunes, or you can upload ...

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