Chapter 2

The Lonely RoadTrip App

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering the RoadTrip app

arrow Exploring RoadTrip’s features and functions

arrow Seeing how RoadTrip’s Itinerary feature works

arrow Adding points of interest

arrow Working through how RTModel manages points of interest and the itinerary

As you dive into this book, you’ll discover that there are at least four critically important skills you’ll need to take away from the work you do on the RoadTrip app. They are as follows:

1. How to implement the application ecosystem in such a way that you can share user data between a user’s various devices so that the app you create will work well on the right device for the right job.

2. How to share application data and logic across all devices running the same application so you can keep them all up to date and consistent without having to publish new versions of your app.

3. How to deal with the asynchronous nature of cloud computing, especially its direct impact on both the current view and hidden views that ...

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