Chapter 6

Living in the Cloud

In This Chapter

arrow Getting familiar with how web services work

arrow Understanding the nuts and bolts of network access

arrow Taking a look at web service architectures

arrow Deploying web services to a server

Being able to share data among all your devices is only half the battle. You also need to look at where your data comes from.

Take RoadTrip, for example. In the old-school version of RoadTrip, the points of interest are bundled with the RoadTrip app in the Destinations plist. The problem here is that as you, the developer, discover more and more points of interest that your users might enjoy, the only way you could pass that on to your devoted users would be by sending out a new version of the app — a time-consuming and often painful process.

Instead, I have you create web services that allow RoadTrip to download the points of interest from a server. I also show you how to create web services that allow you as the developer to add and delete those server-based points of interest.

But for you to really understand how to create those web services, you need to understand ...

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