Chapter 12

The App Engine Implementation

In This Chapter

arrow Figuring out what Google App Engine actually is

arrow Seeing how App Engine works

arrow Creating your App Engine application

I’m going to make it easy for you: Go ahead and use Google App Engine to implement the web services required by RoadTrip. Just trust me on this one. With Google App Engine, you have a stress-free way of building an application (what they call a group of related web services) that will run in the cloud. And by “stress-free,” I have to say, yes, this strategy is really stress-free in terms of both building your web service as well as maintaining it.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine lets you run your web applications on Google’s infrastructure. It’s actually pretty easy to build and deploy applications using App Engine. What’s more, you don’t have to worry at all about servers, databases, database size, load, or scalability. App Engine does all of that for you. Admittedly, you do pay a small price for such convenience — you have limited control over the software that runs on the server, other than your application — but I’m here to tell you that the price is worth it.

You can serve your application using your own ...

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