Chapter 14

Creating and Using the pointsofinterest Web Service

In This Chapter

arrow Creating the pointsofinterest web service

arrow Modifying RoadTrip to use the pointsofinterest web service

arrow Downloading points of interest only when necessary

arrow Making sure the points of interest are current

Chapter 13 is all about getting your data model ready to go. In this chapter, you tackle one of the main rtpointsofinterest web services — pointsofinterest — and then go on to develop the lastupdate web service, which will keep RoadTrip from having to do unnecessary downloads.

Oh, and by the way, you’ll modify RoadTrip to use both of these web services as well.

The pointsofinterest Web Service

You’re finally going to get to return some data to the app, and as you might expect, you’re going to add a new handler to the app you created using App Engine.

To do that, first add a new file to your application. In TextWrangler, choose File⇒New⇒Text Document from the main menu or press Mac Command Key+N.

Save the new file as ...

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