Relaying Actions from UITableViewCells

Sometimes, it is useful to add a UIControl or one of its subclasses, like a UIButton, to a UITableViewCell. For instance, you want users to be able to tap the thumbnail image in a cell and see a full-size image for that item. In this section, you will do that by adding a transparent button on top of the thumbnail. Tapping this button will show the full-size image in a UIPopoverController when the application is running on an iPad.

Open BNRItemCell.m and stub out a method that will trigger showing the image.

-​ ​(​I​B​A​c​t​i​o​n​)​s​h​o​w​I​m​a​g​e​:​(​i​d​)​s​e​n​d​e​r​


Now, in BNRItemCell.xib, drag a UIButton onto the content view. Remove the text from the button. Select both the ...

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