iOS13 Online Shop Application: Build an e-Market

Video description

In this iOS 13 Online Shop Application course, you’ll learn how to build a real-world online shop with an integrated payment system (PayPal) and Stripe SDKs. This course is for iOS developers who know their way around Xcode and are familiar with Swift and application development. You’ll build an application from the ground up alongside the instructor using all the assets provided. The course explains every line of code and shows you how to write clean and readable code and structure your app development in such a way that even if you get back to your code in a few years, you’ll be able to read and understand it clearly.

Even if you are an experienced iOS developer, you’ll learn something new in this course

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to write clean, readable code
  • Get to grips with creating and configuring PayPal payments
  • Build a professional iOS application
  • Test your first payment with the PayPal SDK


This course is for you if you are an iOS developer looking to take your Swift 5, Firestore, and Algolia skills from beginner to intermediate level.

About The Author

David Kababyan: David Kababyan is a multimedia developer who graduated from university in 2012 with a bachelor of arts in multimedia. Since then, he has completed various other courses in programming in PHP, objective C, and Swift with his passion for programming.

He has been developing for iOS since 2014 and has worked on various other multimedia projects such as movie shooting and editing, 3D modeling and animations, flash animations, and website design and development.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Setup
    1. Download XCode
    2. Installing CocoaPods
  2. Chapter 2 : Starting the Project
    1. Creating the tab bar controller
    2. Creating the collection view controller and cell
    3. Custom collection view cell class
    4. Creating a Firebase application
    5. Creating a Firebase reference
  3. Chapter 3 : Category Class
    1. Category class part 1
    2. Category class part 2
    3. Downloading categories from Firebase
  4. Chapter 4 : Category Collection View
    1. Category collection view controller
    2. Category collection view cell
    3. Auto-resize the collection view cell
    4. Fixing the UI bug
    5. Importing assets
  5. Chapter 5 : Items View Controller
    1. Items view user interface
    2. Segueing from categories to items view
  6. Chapter 6 : Items Class
    1. Items class part 1
    2. Items class part 2
  7. Chapter 7 : Adding the Item View Controller
    1. Adding the item view controller UI
    2. Adding item VC code part 1
    3. Adding the item VC code part 2
    4. Adding the image gallery
    5. Uploading images to Firebase part 1
    6. Uploading images to Firebase part 2
    7. Saving items with images
    8. Show the loading indicator
    9. Testing error message
  8. Chapter 8 : Items View Controller
    1. The tem view controller UI
    2. Download the items function
    3. Load items in the item table view cell
    4. Download and show images
    5. Currency converter
  9. Chapter 9 : The Item Details View
    1. The item view UI
    2. Item view controller code
    3. Setting up segue
    4. Creating the image collection view cell
    5. Testing the app
    6. Custom image collection view cell
    7. Showing images of the item
    8. Automatically resize the image view cell
    9. The back button and basket button
  10. Chapter 10 : Shopping Basket
    1. Basket class part 1
    2. Basket class part 2
    3. Creating a basket
    4. Updating the basket function
    5. The basket view UI
    6. Basket code part 1
    7. Showing the total of the basket
    8. Updating the checkout button status
    9. Deleting an item from the basket
    10. Showing the item view from basket
  11. Chapter 11 : Login View
    1. The login view UI
    2. The login view connections
    3. Showing the login view
    4. The MUser class part 1
    5. The MUser class part 2
    6. The MUser class part 3 login/reg functions
    7. The login view setup
    8. Login view helper functions
    9. The register user function
    10. Registering the 1st user
    11. Login with users
    12. Verifying email addresses
    13. Saving the user functions
    14. Downloading user functions
    15. Creating an user object in Firestore
    16. Resetting password
    17. Resending the verification email
    18. Carrying out a test run for resetting the password
    19. The profile view UI
    20. The profile table view
    21. Creating a dynamic right button for profile view
    22. Checking the onboarding status
    23. Onboarding UI
    24. Finishing the registration view
    25. Updating the done button status
    26. Editing MUser functions
    27. Updating a user after onboarding
    28. Editing the profile UI
    29. Editing the profile view part 1
    30. Editing the profile view part 2
    31. Logging out users
    32. The purchase history UI
    33. Purchase history code
    34. Updating with the current user id
    35. Purchase history and empty basket functions
    36. Adding items to the purchase items list
  12. Chapter 12 : PayPal
    1. Initialising PayPal
    2. Configuring PayPal payments
    3. Creating PayPal payment
    4. Testing first payment with the PayPal SDK
  13. Chapter 13 : Search View
    1. The search view UI
    2. Search view connections
    3. Enabling the search button dynamically
    4. Show/hide for the search view
    5. Adding activity indicators
    6. Table view functions
    7. Setting up Algolia
    8. Creating the Algolia service
    9. Creating Algolia items
    10. Searching in Algolia
    11. Test runs for the Algolia search
    12. Adding the empty data set
    13. More on empty data sets
    14. Checking ready applications
  14. Chapter 14 : Adding Stripe Payment Option
    1. Introduction to Stripe
    2. Installation and setup of Stripe
    3. Creating Stripe client
    4. Converting PayPal to Stripe
    5. Testing the app
    6. Card information UI
    7. Presenting the card info view
    8. Adding a card info text field
    9. Processing a card to get token
    10. Testing card processing
    11. Installing a backend
    12. Creating an index.js file
    13. Finishing the backend and testing the app
    14. Putting the backend on a remote server

Product information

  • Title: iOS13 Online Shop Application: Build an e-Market
  • Author(s): David Kababyan
  • Release date: July 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781800568419