IoT Projects with Bluetooth Low Energy

Book description

Use the power of BLE to create exciting IoT applications

About This Book

  • Build hands-on IoT projects using Bluetooth Low Energy and learn about Bluetooth 5 and its features.
  • Build a health tracking system, and indoor navigation and warehouse weather monitoring projects using smart devices.
  • Build on a theoretical foundation and create a practice-based understanding of Bluetooth Low Energy.

Who This Book Is For

If you're an application developer, a hardware enthusiast, or just curious about the Internet of Things and how to convert it into hands-on projects, then this book is for you. Having some knowledge of writing mobile applications will be advantageous.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the architecture and IoT uses of BLE, and in which domains it is being used the most
  • Set up and learn about various development platforms (Android, iOS, Firebase, Raspberry Pi, Beacons, and GitHub)
  • Create an Explorer App (Android/iOS) to diagnose a Fitness Tracker
  • Design a Beacon with the Raspberry Pi and write an app to detect the Beacon
  • Write a mobile app to periodically poll the BLE tracking sensor
  • Compose an app to read data periodically from temperature and humidity sensors
  • Explore more applications of BLE with IoT
  • Design projects for both Android and iOS mobile platforms

In Detail

Bluetooth Low Energy, or Bluetooth Smart, is Wireless Personal Area networking aimed at smart devices and IoT applications. BLE has been increasingly adopted by application developers and IoT enthusiasts to establish connections between smart devices.

This book initially covers all the required aspects of BLE, before you start working on IoT projects. In the initial stages of the book, you will learn about the basic aspects of Bluetooth Low Energy—such as discovering devices, services, and characteristics—that will be helpful for advanced-level projects. This book will guide you through building hands-on projects using BLE and IoT. These projects include tracking health data, using a mobile App, and making this data available for health practitioners; Indoor navigation; creating beacons using the Raspberry Pi; and warehouse weather Monitoring. This book also covers aspects of Bluetooth 5 (the latest release) and its effect on each of these projects.

By the end of this book, you will have hands-on experience of using Bluetooth Low Energy to integrate with smart devices and IoT projects.

Style and Approach

A practical guide that will help you promote yourself into an expert by building and exploring practical applications of Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Table of contents

  1. Preface
    1. What this book covers
    2. What you need for this book
    3. Who this book is for
    4. Conventions
    5. Reader feedback
    6. Customer support
      1. Downloading the example code
      2. Downloading the color images of this book
      3. Errata
      4. Piracy
      5. Questions
  2. What is Bluetooth Low Energy?
    1. An Overview of Bluetooth Low Energy
    2. The Need for Bluetooth Low Energy
    3. Bluetooth Low Energy versus Bluetooth Classic
    4. Architecture of Bluetooth Low Energy
      1. Application
      2. Host
      3. Controller
    5. Profiles
    6. Services
    7. Characteristics
    8. Indications and Notifications
    9. Bluetooth 5, Meshes, and Beacons
    10. Summary
  3. Setting Up
    1. Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors
    2. Setting Up Your System to Write Android Applications
    3. Setting Up Your System to Write iOS Applications
    4. Configuring the Firebase Cloud Backend
    5. Introduction to Raspberry Pi
    6. Introduction to GitHub
    7. Summary
  4. Building a Service Explorer App
    1. Central Peripheral Architecture for BLE
    2. Services and Characteristics
    3. Creating a Service Explorer App
      1. Android
        1. Application Code
      2. iOS
    4. Summary
  5. Designing a Personal Tracking System
    1. RSSI and Proximity
    2. Indoor Proximity and Localization with an iTag
    3. Designing the Tracking App
      1. Android
      2. iOS
    4. Summary
  6. Beacons with Raspberry Pi
    1. Introduction to Beacons
      1. Eddystone
      2. iBeacon
    2. Introduction to Raspberry Pi
    3. Creating a Beacon with Raspberry Pi
    4. Writing an App to Detect the Beacon
      1. Android
        1. Application code
      2. iOS
    5. Summary
  7. Weather Monitoring Using BLE in Warehouses
    1. Problem Statement and Solution Design
    2. Temperature and Humidity Sensors
      1. Interrogating Temperature and Humidity Sensors
    3. Designing the Monitoring App
      1. Android
      2. iOS
    4. Practical Applications
      1. Idemitsu Museum of Arts
      2. Salisbury Cathedral
    5. Summary
  8. Going Further
    1. Bluetooth 5
      1. 8 Times the Broadcasting Capacity
      2. Doubles the Speed
      3. Quadruples the Range
    2. Practical Use Cases
      1. Philips Sonicare Toothbrush
      2. Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale
      3. iLumi Smart Bulb
      4. Eve Smart Light Switch
      5. Danalock
      6. Fobo
      7. Tile
      8. HAPIfork
    3. Future of BLE
      1. Dreem
      2. BabyGigl
    4. Future of IoT
      1. Other Technologies
      2. Products
    5. Summary

Product information

  • Title: IoT Projects with Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Author(s): Madhur Bhargava
  • Release date: August 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788399449