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IP Routing Primer

Book Description

A thorough guide to understanding IP behavior in a router-based network

  • Learn IP behavior in a Cisco router-based network from an expert

  • Examine proven, effective troubleshooting techniques to eliminate the need for additional technical support

  • Master IP fundamentals that everyone supporting an IP network needs to know

  • Study visual explanations of complex real-world scenarios

  • IP Routing Primer focuses on how IP routing behaves in a Cisco router environment and also shows how you can use Cisco routers as a learning tool. In addition to teaching the core fundamentals, this book enhances your ability to troubleshoot IP routing problems yourself, often eliminating the need to call for additional technical support. In instances where additional support is required, this book will help you work more efficiently with customer support engineers by enhancing your ability to describe problems correctly.

    The information is presented in an approachable, workbook-type format with dozens of detailed illustrations and real life scenarios integrated throughout.

    Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. About the Author
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. Introduction
    5. Topology and Router Configurations
      1. Understanding the Role of Routers in Networks
      2. Understanding Topology and Router Configurations
      3. Understanding What a Router Does
      4. Understanding How Forwarding Decisions Are Made
      5. Summary
    6. Routing Metrics and Distances
      1. Primary Activities of Convergence
      2. Understanding Convergence
      3. Process Switching Versus Fast Switching
      4. Understanding the Role of Split Horizon
      5. Poison Reverse and Triggered Updates
      6. IGRP Routing Metrics (Variables) and Cisco Administrative Distances
      7. Summary
    7. Discontiguous Networks, Summarization, and Subnet 0
      1. Introduction to Terminology
      2. Discontiguous Networks Using RIP and IGRP
      3. Discontiguous Networks, Subnet 0, and Summarization Using IGRP
      4. Using Aggregation as a Tool
      5. Summary
    8. Using IP Unnumbered and VLSM
      1. Understanding IP Unnumbered
      2. Configuring IP Unnumbered on Serial Interfaces
      3. Understanding VLSM
      4. Summary
    9. Default Routing
      1. Introduction to Default Routing
      2. Gateway of Last Resort
      3. Using Default and Static Routes in Complicated Networks
      4. Using End Systems with Multiple Local Gateways
      5. Using Floating Static Routes
      6. Summary
    10. IP Troubleshooting Scenarios
      1. Developing a Troubleshooting Routine
      2. Using a Troubleshooting Scenario
      3. Summary
    11. Bridging IP Between Dissimilar Media
      1. Translational Bridging
      2. ARP Explained
      3. Summary
    12. Hexadecimal and Binary Numbering and IP Addressing
      1. Binary Numbering Versus Decimal Numbering
      2. Hexadecimal Numbering Versus Decimal Numbering
      3. Introduction to the 32-Bit IP Address
      4. Understanding Subnet Masks, Subnetting, and Supernetting
      5. Summary
    13. RFCs
      1. How RFCs Work
      2. RFCs Recommended for Further Study
      3. Summary
    14. Index