Chapter 14. Watch and Edit Videos

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Apple added video playback powers to its handheld gadgets in 2005, when it introduced the first video iPod. Over the past six years, Apple’s device screens have gradually increased in size from 2.5 inches on that ground-breaking ‘Pod to 9.7 inches on the iPad’s majestic, high-resolution, backlit display. The tablet is perfect for immersing yourself in a movie—or for watching it inflight with your spouse while crammed into a couple of knee-knocking coach seats.

You find video for your iPad in all sorts of places. You can buy, rent, or stream movies, TV shows, music videos, and video podcasts from iTunes; download video-streaming apps from the App Store; watch website streams via Safari; launch the iPad’s built-in YouTube app; or even shoot a clip or two yourself with the iPad 2’s Camera app (the latter two video-friendly apps are discussed back in Chapter 6).

And if the whole family wants to watch a video, you can connect your iPad to your TV and see it on an even bigger screen.

From getting video onto your tablet to sharing it once it’s there, this chapter guides you through one of the most fun parts of the iPad experience.

Get Video Onto Your iPad

Depending on what you want to watch and where you want to watch it, you can get movies moving on your iPad in a variety of ways. Here are the common methods of video acquisition (aside from shooting your own, ...

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