Chapter 8: Playing Games

In This Chapter

check.png Appreciating iPad’s gaming strengths

check.png Getting a grip on the accelerometer

check.png Finding games and accessories of all kinds

check.png Exploring iTunes Game Center

iPad is, after all, a close relative of the iPhone, and no matter who tells you that they use their iPhone to get work done, they’re probably spending most of their time gaming. iPad outstrips iPhone as the ultimate portable gaming machine because of its beautiful screen (especially if you have a third-generation iPad with Retina display) and unique features.

In this chapter, you discover why iPad is such a great mobile gaming device, what kinds of games are out there, how to create a Game Center account and purchase and download games, how to play games against yourself and others, and what cool accessories you must get to be a completely awesome iPad gamer.

Let the games begin!

Appreciating iPad’s Gaming Strengths

The iPhone is a fun gaming device, but the screen is too small. Your computer is a good gaming device, but it may lack some of the tactile input of a touchscreen. iPad may be just ...

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