Chapter 1: Managing Files and Printing

In This Chapter

check.png Understanding how iPad stores files

check.png Sharing files by e-mailing or through the cloud

check.png Setting up Home Sharing

check.png Printing wirelessly from iPad

check.png Using third-party printing services

Okay, I’m going to be very upfront about this: Apple has not used a traditional paradigm for moving files to and from your iPad or managing files on the device. In essence, this is partially a chapter about what iPad does differently from how traditional file management is handled by OS interfaces such as Mac OS’s Finder or Windows Explorer and how you can get things in and out of the device without a USB port or DVD drive. One exciting development that arrived with iOS 5 is iCloud, which allows you to back up and store content online, and I discuss that in this chapter as well as in Book I, Chapter 5.

The other topic in this chapter is printing, and there are two options here: Use iPad’s native printing capability with a compatible wireless printer, ...

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