iPad® and iPad® mini Absolute Beginner’s Guide

Book Description

Make the most of your new iPad or iPad mini–without becoming a technical expert! This book is the fastest way to get comfortable, get productive, get online, connect with friends and family, enjoy media, play games, post to Facebook and Twitter, and more! Even if you’ve never used an iPad before, this book will show you how to do what you want, one incredibly clear and
easy step at a time. iPads have never, ever been this simple!

Who knew how simple iPad and iPad mini could be?

This is today’s best beginner’s guide to using your new iPad or iPad mini…simple, practical instructions for doing everything you really want to do! Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:

  • Master gestures and touchscreen tips you can use in any iPad app

  • Get productive fast with Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, and Notifications

  • Use iCloud to automatically sync and share data with iPads, iPhones, and Macs

  • Browse the Web more efficiently with Safari’s best shortcuts

  • Capture high-quality photos and video with your iPad

  • Share  ”Photo Stream“ albums with other iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch users

  • Make free FaceTime video calls

  • Post to Facebook and Twitter from your iPad

  • Get the best new free and paid apps from Apple’s App Store

  • Make the most of iTunes and your iPad’s amazing media capabilities

  • Read new bestsellers and free classics with iBooks

  • Transform your iPad into a great online gaming device

  • Use Find My iPhone to find a lost iPad in the house, or lock it if it’s stolen

  • Adding hardware that makes your iPad more fun and useful

  • Finding Wi-Fi connections and making the most of paid data plans

  • Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Contents at a Glance
    4. Table of Contents
    5. About the Author
    6. Dedication
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. We Want to Hear from You!
    9. Reader Services
    10. Introduction
      1. How This Book Is Organized
      2. Conventions Used in This Book
      3. Let Me Know What You Think
    11. Part I: Get Acquainted with iPad Hardware and iOS Basics
      1. 1. Overview of the iPad
        1. What Is the iPad?
        2. How Does the iPad Differ from Laptops and Desktops?
        3. What Are the Benefits of an iPad?
        4. What Are the iPad’s Weaknesses?
        5. A Closer Look at the iPad Hardware
      2. 2. Overview of iOS
        1. Say Hello to iOS!
        2. What Is iOS?
        3. Take a Quick Tour of iOS
        4. Moving Apps and Creating Folders
        5. Using Gestures with iOS
        6. What About Typing?
      3. 3. iCloud and Settings
        1. Customization and Backup
        2. Settings, Settings, Settings
        3. Take a Tour of Settings
        4. Fun and Easy Settings to Tweak
        5. The Power of iCloud
    12. Part II: Using the iPad’s Basic Productivity Apps
      1. 4. Contacts
        1. Say Hello to the Contacts App
        2. Adding a New Contact
        3. Send Message
        4. FaceTime
        5. Share Contact
        6. Add to Favorites
        7. Settings Tweaks
      2. 5. Notes and Reminders
        1. Takin’ Some Notes!
        2. Using Reminders
      3. 6. The Calendar App
        1. Check Your Schedule
        2. Create an Event
        3. Add a New Calendar Category
        4. Importing Other Calendars
      4. 7. The Mail App
        1. Configuring the Mail App
        2. Touring Mail
        3. Extra Features
        4. Sending Attachments
        5. Other Email Apps
        6. Email Access with a Web Browser
        7. Mail Settings
      5. 8. The Safari App
        1. Opening Safari
        2. Touring Safari
        3. Using the Share Feature
        4. Bookmarks and Reading List
        5. iCloud Tabs
    13. Part III: Camera, Video, and Communication Apps
      1. 9. Apps for Photos and Videos
        1. Using Camera
        2. Using Photo Booth
        3. The Photos App
        4. Editing Photos
      2. 10. Apps for Instant Communication
        1. The Messages App
        2. Using FaceTime
      3. 11. Social Apps
        1. Installing Facebook and Twitter
        2. Built-in Integration
        3. Twitter and Facebook Resources
    14. Part IV: Movies, Books, Music, and Apps
      1. 12. Apps for the iPad
        1. Exploring the App Store
        2. Searching the App Store
        3. Purchasing an App
        4. Good App Management
      2. 13. iBooks and the iBooks Store
        1. Exploring iBooks
        2. Visiting the iBooks Store
        3. Reading an eBook in the iBooks App
        4. Alternatives to iBooks
      3. 14. Movies, Music, and More
        1. Exploring iTunes
        2. Listening to Music
        3. Using Playlists
      4. 15. Magazine, Newspaper, or Movie?
        1. Exploring Newsstand
        2. Watching Movies and TV Shows
    15. Part V: Everything Else
      1. 16. Finding Things
        1. Using Search
        2. Explore the Maps App
        3. Say Hello to Siri
      2. 17. The Two iPad Centers
        1. Exploring the Notification Center
        2. Configuring the Notification Center
        3. Exploring the Game Center
      3. 18. Charging and iPad Peripherals
        1. Peripherals and Add-Ons
        2. Insurance
      4. 19. Eight Great Free Apps
        1. Skype
        2. Dropbox
        3. Evernote
        4. eBooks: Kindle and Nook
        5. Pocket
        6. Pandora
        7. Flipboard
        8. iTunesU
        9. Finding More Free Apps
      5. 20. Eight Great Paid Apps
        1. GoodReader
        2. Pages
        3. PDFpen
        4. iDisplay
        5. Paper by FiftyThree
        6. Clear
        7. iMovie
        8. Angry Birds (Anything)
        9. Finding More Paid Apps
    16. Index
    17. Ad Pages

    Product Information

    • Title: iPad® and iPad® mini Absolute Beginner’s Guide
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: April 2013
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780133384659