Chapter 6 Getting Messages

Chapter 6

Getting Messages


check Reading and managing email messages

check Sending email messages

check Using the Messages app

check Jazzing up iMessages

Messages (formerly iMessage) is your one-stop shop for communicating with your friends, colleagues, and anyone who sends you an SMS text message. You can communicate with individuals or groups. You can share images, Maps directions, and files. You can customize your messages with stickers and memoji, a feature that lets you create a cartoon version of yourself. Apple even has apps for Messages that add all kinds of features, such as stickers, song lyrics, and games you can play with your friends. In addition, Messages uses end-to-end user encryption, which keeps prying eyes out of your conversations. We show you how to use all these great features in this chapter, so read on!

Tip The Messages app used to be called iMessages. But individual messages sent through the Messages app are still called iMessages. Confused? ...

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