Chapter 13

iPad: Your Multitasking and Productivity Powerhouse


check Using multitouch and gestures

check Doing more with split view and slide over

check Typing better with external keyboards

check Adding productivity apps to your iPad

The iPad has come such a long way since Steve Jobs introduced it in 2010. For years, the iPad was a great device for consuming, whether you were listening to music, reading books, browsing the web, shopping, watching videos, TV, and movies, or playing games. Now the iPad is also a great productivity device, and with the great multitasking features in iPadOS, you might be surprised at how much you can do.

In this chapter, we show you some of the great multitouch features built into iPadOS, including split view, the importance of external accessories, and some of the great productivity apps available.

Working with Multitouch and Gestures

We explain in Chapter 2 the main gestures and multitouch commands you can use on your iPad. If you need to, take a moment and refresh yourself about those gestures now. It's okay; we'll wait until you return.

In this chapter, ...

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