Chapter 19 Ten Apps Worth Paying For

Chapter 19

Ten Apps Worth Paying For


check Bill Atkinson PhotoCard, Words with Friends — Word Game

check ArtStudio for iPad — Paint & Draw, Pinball Crystal Caliburn II

check Art Authority for iPad, Solar Walk, Action Movie FX

check Masterclass, Dark Sky Weather, Parallels Access

If you read Chapter 18, you know that lots of great free apps are available for your iPad. But as the cliché goes, some things are worth paying for. Still, none of the ten for-pay apps we’ve chosen as some of our favorites are likely to break the bank. As you’re about to discover, some apps in this list are practical, and some are downright silly. The common theme? We think you’ll like carrying these apps around on your iPad.

PhotoCard by Bill Atkinson

Who is Bill Atkinson? He had a hand (or both hands) in the first Macintosh computer, as well as the MacPaint and HyperCard Mac applications. Today he’s a world-renowned nature photographer, which brings us to his app. PhotoCard by Bill Atkinson is a free app that lets you create gorgeous high-resolution postcards and send ...

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