Chapter 12

Indispensable Apps and Utilities


Bullet Writing notes, lists, and other literary bric-a-brac with Notes

Bullet Remembering with the Reminders app

Bullet Making your home smarter with the Home app

Bullet Timing things with the Clock app

Bullet Measuring things in thin air with the Measure app

Bullet Getting the drop on AirDrop

Most new iPad users shuttle between a few popular apps that come with iPadOS: Safari, Mail, Photos, Music, Calendar, and Contacts. These apps are great and useful, for sure, but your iPad comes with a fistful of other built-in apps. Are they all awesome? Nope, not even close. However, a few are good enough and useful enough to merit the adjective indispensable.

That might seem like hyperbole, but in this chapter, I'll try to change your mind. Here you explore five often-overlooked apps that I think you'll find truly useful: Notes, Reminders, Clock, Home, and Measure. You also ...

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