Chapter 17

Troubleshooting Common Problems


Bullet Troubleshooting iPad woes step by step

Bullet Rebooting, recharging, and resetting your iPad

Bullet Fixing network and syncing issues

Bullet Getting help from Apple’s website and forums

Bullet Restoring your stuff on a repaired iPad

First, the good news: Your iPad is a solid, well-made device, so it should give you years of mostly trouble-free service. Now, the bad news: that word mostly. iPads are fiendishly complex devices running labyrinthically intricate software, so sometimes all that convolution catches up with your iPad and things go south.

Fortunately, there’s more good news: Most iPad woes are quickly and easily fixed. In this chapter, you learn the most useful troubleshooting techniques that you can try to remedy the majority of iPad problems. You also learn some fixes for a few specific glitches.

After all the troubleshooting, I tell you how to get even more help if nothing I suggest does the trick. Finally, if your iPad is so badly hosed ...

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