iPad® and iPhone® Digital Photography Tips and Tricks

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iPad and iPhone Digital Photography Tips and Tricks

Easily Unlock the Power of Digital Photography on Your iPad or iPhone

Discover hundreds of tips and tricks you can use right away to capture, edit, and share amazing
photos with your iPad or iPhone!

This easy-to-understand guide teaches you all the iOS skills and photographic techniques you need to go far beyond snapshots. Whatever you’re shooting–portraits, candids, babies, sports, pets, landscapes, vacations, nature, anything–it will help you get incredible results. Then, you’ll master more ways to share your images than ever before: at home, in print, online, in the cloud, everywhere.

You’ll learn how to squeeze maximum performance out of your iPhone or iPad’s built-in cameras and photo apps, and discover low-cost apps and tools for doing even more. Whether you’ve been taking iPhone/iPad photos for years or you’re just starting out, you’ll have way more fun and get way better results!

Here are just some of what this book’s tips, tricks, and strategies will help you do:

  •    Get awesome results with the built-in Camera and Photo apps

  •    Master 10 easy strategies for taking better iPhone/iPad photos

  •    Use the Grid and Rule of Thirds to professionally compose and frame your shots

  •    Choose the best shooting angle and perspective for every image

  •    Capture great photos in low light

  •    Make the most of built-in flash or HDR mode

  •    Take great group shots and baby pictures

  •    Shoot sporting events without blurring

  •    Efficiently view, organize, edit, and share pictures with the Photo app

  •    Transform “just OK” images into great photos with the optional iPhoto app

  •    Discover great low-cost tools, from image editors to lights, lenses, and tripods

  •    Showcase photos on your high-def television

  •    Easily create online galleries and animated digital slideshows

  •    Back up your latest images, and share them with all your Apple devices

  •    Share online iCloud-based Photo Streams with friends, family, and nobody else

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. 1. Prepare Your iPhone or iPad to Take Awesome Photos
    1. There’s a Lot More You Can Do with the Photos You Take Using Your iPhone or iPad
    2. Digital Photography Is Both a Skill and an Art Form
    3. What You Need to Get Started as a Mobile Digital Photographer
    4. Develop Your Photographer’s Eye
    5. Start Taking Pictures Using the Camera App
  12. 2. Snap Photos Using the Camera App
    1. Ways to Launch the Camera App
    2. Overview of the Camera App
    3. The Camera App’s Shooting Modes
    4. Work with Filters
    5. Use the iPhone’s Flash
    6. Take Panoramic Photos from Your iPhone
    7. Customize the Camera App from Within Settings
    8. The 10-Step Camera App Recap
    9. You Now Have the Skill; Let’s Get Creative
  13. 3. Ten Strategies to Quickly Improve Your Picture-Taking Skills
    1. Let Your Photos Tell a Story
    2. Ten Strategies Used by Professional Photographers That You Can Quickly Learn
    3. As the Photographer, Be Aware of Everything
  14. 4. Take Awesome Pictures in Low Light
    1. Compensate for Low Light When Taking Pictures
    2. Know When and How to Take Advantage of the iPhone’s Built-In Flash
    3. The Camera App’s HDR Shooting Mode
  15. 5. Overcome Common Picture-Taking Challenges
    1. Strategies for Taking Pictures of People
    2. Take Professional Looking Pictures of Animals
    3. Shoot In-Focus Images When Your Subject Is Moving
    4. Shoot In-Focus Images When You (the Photographer) Are in Motion
    5. Overcome Problems Associated with Shooting Through Glass
    6. Use Your Creativity When Shooting Landmarks, Buildings, and Inanimate Objects
    7. Capture the Best Panoramic Shots Possible with Your iPhone
    8. Strategies for Taking Close-Up Images Using the Zoom
    9. Use Reflections to Your Advantage
    10. Give Your Photos a Sense of Scale and Depth
    11. Make Your Vacation Photos as Memorable as Your Actual Trip
    12. What to Do If Too Much Light Keeps You from Seeing the iPhone or iPad’s Viewfinder
  16. 6. View, Organize, Edit, and Share Pictures Using the Photos App
    1. Organize Your Digital Images Using the Photos App
    2. Edit and Enhance Your Images
    3. Share Images from the Photos App
    4. Use the Mail App to Send Images
    5. Use AirDrop to Wirelessly Share Images
    6. Import Images into the Photos App from Your Digital Camera or Its SD Memory Card
    7. Apple’s iPhoto App Offers Even More Functionality
  17. 7. Expand Your Photo Editing Toolbox with iPhoto
    1. Overview of the iPhoto App
    2. View, Edit, and Enhance Your Photos
    3. Share and Print Your Photos
    4. Create Web Journals to Showcase Your Photos
    5. Showcase Dazzling Animated Slideshows Using iPhoto
    6. Design Your Own Photo Books
    7. More Reasons to Use iPhoto
  18. 8. Photography Apps That Enhance Your Picture-Taking Capabilities
    1. Camera App Alternatives
    2. So Many More Photography Apps Are at Your Disposal
  19. 9. Photography Apps That Expand Your Photo Editing and Enhancement Capabilities
    1. Third-Party Photo Editing and Image Enhancement Apps
    2. Specialized Apps Enable You to Create Unique Special Effects
    3. Mix and Match Photography Apps to Get the Results You Need
  20. 10. Use Optional Accessories to Improve Your Pictures
    1. Photography-Related Accessories You Can’t Do Without
  21. 11. Create Prints from Your iPhone/iPad Photos
    1. Create Prints from Home Using an AirPrint-Compatible Photo Printer
    2. Have Prints Created at a One-Hour Photo Lab
    3. Order Prints from an Online-Based Photo Lab
  22. 12. Share Your Digital Photos Online
    1. Share Images Through an Online Social Networking Service
    2. Share Groups of Images Using an Online Photo Sharing Service
    3. Quickly Email Up to Five Images at a Time to Specific People
    4. More Ways to Share Photos Online
  23. 13. Discover iCloud’s My Photo Stream and Shared Photo Stream
    1. Use the My Photo Stream Feature
    2. Share Selected Groups of Images with Others Using Shared Photo Streams
    3. Other Options for Sharing Groups of Photos Online
  24. 14. Other Ways to Share Your Digital Photos
    1. Display Your Digital Photos on Your HD Television Set
    2. Display Digital Images on Your HD Television Using Apple TV
    3. Display Images from Your iOS Mobile Device on Your Television Set Without Apple TV
    4. Transfer Images from Your iOS Mobile Device to Your Computer Using iTunes Sync
    5. Quickly Transfer Images Between iOS Mobile Devices Using AirDrop
    6. Put Your Newfound Knowledge to Use
  25. Index

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  • Title: iPad® and iPhone® Digital Photography Tips and Tricks
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  • Release date: March 2014
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