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Easily Unlock the Power of Your iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, or iPhone

Discover hundreds of tips and tricks you can use right away with your iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, or iPhone to maximize its functionality. Learn how to use iOS 10 (as well as iOS 10.1) and utilize your Apple mobile device as a powerful communications, organization, and productivity tool–as well as a feature-packed entertainment device, health and fitness tool, and intelligent remote control for your home’s various smart devices (such as its lightbulbs, thermostat, and door locks).

Using an easy-to-understand, nontechnical approach, this book is ideal for beginners and more experienced users alike who want to discover how to use the iOS operating system with iCloud and the latest versions of popular apps. This book covers all the latest iPhone and iPad models, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the latest iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini models.

Here’s just a sampling of what the tips, tricks, and strategies offered in this book will help you accomplish:

·         Discover how to use the newly redesigned versions of the Messages, Music, News, and Notes apps that come preinstalled with iOS 10 and iOS 10.1.

·         Learn how to take visually impressive photos, and then edit and share them using the updated Camera and Photos apps. (iPhone 7 Plus users also learn how to best utilize the new Portrait shooting mode.)

·         Using the redesigned Maps app, transform your iPhone or iPad into a powerful GPS navigation device to obtain real-time, turn-by-turn driving, walking, or mass transit directions in cities around the world. Plus, access information about millions of businesses, services, and points of interest.

·         Learn secrets for using other popular preinstalled apps, such as Contacts, Calendar, Reminds, Safari, Mail, Health, iBooks, Wallet, and Phone.

·         Synchronize files, documents, data, photos, and content with iCloud, your computer, and your other iOS mobile devices.

·         Learn how to interact with your tablet or phone using Siri and your voice.

·         Discover the latest calling features built in to the iPhone, and learn how to forward your calls to your iPad or Mac with the improved Handoff feature.

·         Learn about cutting-edge features, such as Apple Pay and Family Sharing, as well as device-specific features, such as Split-Screen, Slide Over, Picture-in-Picture, and Safari’s Split-Screen option (on the latest iPad models). Also learn how to use the expanded Peek and Pop menus and options offered on the latest iPhone models.

·         Create and maintain a reliable backup of your iPhone or iPad using iCloud Backup.

Category: Apple Digital Media

User Level: Beginning-Intermediate

Table of contents

  1. About This E-Book
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. Introduction
    1. Discover What’s New in iOS 10
    2. What This Book Offers
    3. Attention, Please...
  12. 1. Get Acquainted with Your iPhone or iPad
    1. Charging It Up, and Getting Ready to Go
    2. Turning Off or Putting to Sleep the iPhone or iPad
    3. Upgrading from iOS 9 to iOS 10
    4. Interacting with Your iPhone or iPad
      1. Touchscreen Techniques
      2. Using the Virtual Keyboard
      3. Taking Advantage of the iPad’s Display Options
      4. Using an External Keyboard or Stylus
    5. Securing Your iOS Mobile Device
    6. Finding Your Lost or Stolen Device
    7. Maintaining a Backup of Your Device
  13. 2. Customize Your iPhone or iPad
    1. Using the Settings App
      1. Commonly Used Options Available from the Main Settings Menu
    2. Working with Control Center
    3. Organizing Apps in Folders
    4. Moving App Icons Around on the Home Screen
    5. Discovering What’s Possible from the Lock Screen
    6. Managing Your Customized Notification Center Screen
  14. 3. Say It and Make It So Using Siri
    1. What You Should Know Before Using Siri
    2. Customizing Siri
      1. Helping Siri Get To Know You
    3. Activating Siri
    4. Discovering How Siri Can Help You
      1. Finding, Displaying, or Using Information Related to Your Contacts
      2. Initiating a Call
      3. Setting Up Reminders and To-Do Items
      4. Reading or Sending Text Messages
      5. Checking the Weather or Your Investments
      6. Finding Information on the Web or GetTing Answers to Questions
      7. Scheduling and Managing Meetings and Events
      8. Sending Email and Accessing New (Incoming) Email
      9. Setting an Alarm or Timer
      10. Getting Directions Using the Maps App
      11. Controlling the Music
      12. Dictating Notes to Yourself
      13. Asking Siri About Sports, Movies, Entertainment, and Restaurants
    5. Using Dictation Mode
    6. Using CarPlay
  15. 4. Find, Buy, and Use Third-Party Apps
    1. Working with the App Store
      1. Installing New Apps
      2. Restoring or Reinstalling Apps You’ve Already Downloaded
    2. Finding Apps, Music, and More
    3. Everything You Need to Know About Apps
      1. Understanding Device Compatibility
      2. Quick Guide to App Pricing
      3. What You Need To Know About App Pricing
      4. Shopping with the App Store App
    4. Quick Tips for Finding Apps
    5. Keeping Your Apps Up to Date
    6. Managing Your Kids’ App Acquisitions
  16. 5. Sync, Share, and Print Files Using AirDrop, AirPlay, AirPrint, and Handoff
    1. Streaming Content from Your iPhone or iPad to Other Compatible Devices Using AirPlay
    2. Printing Files Wirelessly Using an AirPrint-Compatible Printer
    3. Using Handoff
  17. 6. Use iCloud and the iCloud Drive App
    1. Managing Your iCloud Storage Space
    2. Accessing Content Saved to iCloud
      1. Accessing Your Purchased iTunes Stores Content from Any Device
    3. Using iCloud to Sync Your App-Specific Data, Documents, and Files
      1. Customizing iCloud to Work with Your Apps
    4. Accessing Your App-Specific Data Online from iCloud.com
      1. Automatically Transferring Documents Using iCloud
    5. Creating a Photo Library Using iCloud
    6. Using a Unique Apple ID for iCloud
    7. Backing Up with iCloud
    8. Sharing Purchased Content with Family Sharing
    9. Using the iCloud Drive App
  18. 7. Navigate and Interact with Your World Using the Redesigned Maps App
    1. Setting Maps App Preferences from Settings
    2. Getting the Most from Using the Maps App’s Features
    3. Overview of the Maps App’s Screen
      1. Viewing a Map from Multiple Perspectives
    4. Obtaining Turn-by-Turn Directions
    5. Looking Up Contact Entries, Businesses, Restaurants, Landmarks, and Points of Interest
      1. Using the Interactive Location Screens
    6. Using the Maps App’s Flyover View
  19. 8. Shoot, Edit, and Share Photos and Videos
    1. The iPhone 7 Plus Is Different from Other iPhones When It Comes to Using the Camera App
    2. Get Acquainted with the iOS 10 Edition of the Camera App
    3. Taking Photos or Shooting Video
      1. Launching the Camera App
      2. Shooting Photos or Video
      3. iPhone 7 Plus Users: Discover Portrait Mode
      4. Using the Autofocus and Exposure Control Options
    4. Snapping a Photo
    5. Shooting a Panoramic Photo
    6. Shooting HD Video
    7. Using the Photos App to View, Edit, Enhance, Print, and Share Photos and Videos
    8. Experiencing Photos and Videos with Memories
    9. Navigating Around the Photos App
      1. Moving Images Between Albums
    10. Viewing an Image in Full-Screen Mode
    11. Tools for Editing Photos
      1. Enhance
      2. Crop
      3. Filters
      4. Adjust
    12. Editing Videos
    13. Printing Photos
    14. Third-Party Apps for Ordering Prints from Your Images
    15. Sharing Photos and Videos
    16. Deleting Photos Stored on Your iOS Device
    17. Taking Advantage of iCloud Photo Library
    18. Using the Photos App with iCloud’s Family Sharing
    19. Getting Additional Photography and Videography Functions
  20. 9. Make and Receive Calls with an iPhone
    1. Answering an Incoming Call
    2. Using the Handoff Feature with Calls
    3. Managing the Do Not Disturb Feature
    4. Managing Calls in Progress
    5. Responding to a Call Waiting Signal While on the Phone
    6. Making Calls from Your iPhone
      1. Manual Dialing
      2. Dialing from a Contacts Entry
    7. Using the Call Over Wi-Fi Calling Feature
    8. Managing Your Voicemail
      1. Recording Your Outgoing Message
      2. Playing and Deleting Voicemail Messages
    9. Creating and Using a Favorites List
    10. Accessing Your Recents Call Log
    11. Keeping Track of Usage
    12. Customizing Ringtones
      1. Picking Custom Ringtones for Specific Contacts
  21. 10. Improve Your Health and Manage Your Wealth Using Your iPhone
    1. Discovering the iPhone-Specific Health App
      1. Getting Started with the Health App
      2. Using the Medical ID Feature
    2. Managing Apple Pay and More Using the Wallet App
      1. Setting Up and Using Apple Pay from Your iPhone
      2. Adding Card Details to the Wallet App
      3. Using the Wallet App to Manage Reward Cards, Membership Cards, and More
  22. 11. Send and Receive Emails with the Mail App
    1. Adding Email Accounts to the Mail App
    2. Customizing Mail Options from Settings
    3. Viewing Your Incoming Mail
    4. Composing an Email Message
      1. Inserting a Photo or Video into Outgoing Mail
      2. Inserting an Email Attachment
    5. Using Select, Select All, Cut, Copy, and Paste
    6. Saving an Unsent Draft of an Email
    7. Reading Email
      1. The Edit Button
      2. Deleting Individual Incoming Messages
      3. Viewing Your Emails
      4. Using the Mail App’s VIP List Feature
      5. Dealing with Incoming Attachments
      6. Organizing Email Messages in Folders
      7. Forwarding, Printing, and Replying to Messages
  23. 12. Communicate Better Using the Messages App
    1. Communicating Effectively with the Messages App
    2. Using the Messages App with Apple’s iMessage Service
      1. Setting Up a Free iMessage Account
      2. Benefits to Using iMessage
    3. Working with the Messages App
      1. Creating and Sending a Text Message
      2. Sending Your Own Handwritten Message
      3. Recording and Sending an Audio Message
      4. Participating in a Text-Message Conversation
      5. Communicating with Emojis
      6. Generating a Quick Response to a Message and Adding Emphasis
      7. Responding to an Incoming Message
      8. Relaunching or Reviewing Past Conversations
      9. Participating in a Group Conversation
  24. 13. Surf the Web More Efficiently Using Safari
    1. Customizing Your Web Surfing Experience
    2. Using Tabbed Browsing with Safari
      1. Switching Between Web Pages on an iPhone
      2. Using Tabbed Browsing on the iPad
    3. Cleaning Up Screen Clutter with Safari’s Reader Option
    4. Creating and Managing Reading Lists
      1. Working with Bookmarks
    5. Sharing Web Content in Safari
    6. Creating, Managing, and Syncing Safari Bookmarks
      1. Syncing Usernames and Passwords Using iCloud
    7. Launching Your Favorite Websites via Home Screen Icons
  25. 14. Use Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, and Notes
    1. Customizing Each App in iOS 10
    2. Syncing App-Specific Data with Online-Based Apps
    3. Syncing App-Specific Data with iCloud
    4. Getting Acquainted with the Calendar App
      1. Controlling the Calendar View
      2. Entering a New Event
      3. Using Siri to Enter New Events
      4. Viewing Individual Appointment Details
      5. Customizing the Calendar App
    5. Using the Contacts App to Keep Track of People
      1. Determining What Information to Store in Contacts
      2. Integrating the Contacts App with Other Apps
      3. Viewing Your Contacts
      4. Creating a New Contacts Entry
      5. Adding a Photo to a Contacts Entry
      6. Editing or Deleting a Contact
      7. Sharing Contact Entries
    6. Creating and Managing Lists with the Reminders App
      1. Staying Up to Date with Reminders
      2. Deleting an Entire To-Do List
    7. Taking Notes or Gathering Information Using the Notes App
      1. Using the New Collaboration Feature
      2. Creating and Managing Notes App Folders
      3. Creating Individual Notes
      4. Moving Notes Between Folders
      5. Creating Interactive Checklists in Notes
      6. Using the Drawing Tools in the Notes App
      7. Sharing Notes
  26. 15. Get Acquainted with the Music, Videos, and iTunes Store Apps
    1. Getting to Know the All-New Music App
      1. Getting Started with the Music App
      2. Discovering the Apple Music Service
      3. Using the Music App: A Quick Tutorial
      4. Taking Advantage of the Now Playing Screen
      5. Using Control Center’s Music Controls
      6. Creating Custom Playlists Using the Music App
      7. Customizing the iTunes Store and Music Apps
      8. Connecting with Your Favorite Bands and Artists
      9. Streaming Music via the Internet
    2. Using the Videos App to Watch TV Shows, Movies, and More
    3. Using the iTunes Store App to Make Purchases
      1. Finding TV Episodes You Want to Purchase
    4. Streaming Video Content
  27. 16. Customize Your Reading Experience with iBooks and the Redesigned News App
    1. Customizing iBooks Settings
    2. Organizing Your Personal eBook Library
    3. Navigating the iBooks App
    4. Learning More About Specific eBooks While Visiting iBook Store
      1. Finding a Specific eBook—Fast
      2. Learning About an eBook from Its Description
      3. Purchasing an eBook or Audiobook
    5. Customizing Your eBook Reading Experience
    6. Alternative Methods for Reading eBooks
    7. Exploring the Redesigned News App
      1. Customizing the News App
      2. Navigating Around the News App
      3. Reading Articles That Cater to Your Interests
      4. Expanding Your Collection of Sources and Content Providers
    8. Subscribing to Digital Editions of Newspapers and Magazines
  28. 17. Use the Home App to Remotely Control Your Home
    1. “HomeKit” Compatibility
    2. Getting Acquainted with the Home App
      1. Allowing Guests to Control Smart Equipment in Your Home
    3. Some Final Thoughts
  29. Index

Product information

  • Title: iPad® and iPhone® Tips and Tricks
  • Author(s): Jason R. Rich
  • Release date: November 2016
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780134668901