Setting Up the Find Controller

You already have one piece of the geocoding puzzle in place on your storyboard; I’m talking about the appropriately named Find controller. The trick now is to add the custom controller that will implement the Find features you want.

Adding the custom view controller

To add the FindController to the RoadTrip project, follow the same steps you have several times before:

1. In the Project navigator, select the View Controller Classes group and then either right-click the selection and choose New File from the menu that appears or choose FileNewNew File from the main menu (or press maccmd +N).

Whatever method you choose, you’re greeted by the New File dialog.

2. In the left column of the dialog, select Cocoa Touch under the iOS heading, select the Objective-C class template in the top-right pane, and then click Next.

You’ll see a dialog that will enable you to choose the options for your file.

3. Enter FindController in the Class field, choose MapController from the Subclass Of drop-down menu (the FindController is really just a MapControllor with a little more functionality), and make sure that the Target for iPad check box is selected and that With XIB for User Interface is deselected. Click Next.

4. In the Save sheet that appears, click Create.

5. Delete the shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation: method as well.

You’ll use the default in the ...

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