If you bought this book (or are even thinking about buying it), you’ve probably already made the decision to use an iPad in your work. That's great, because the iPad makes a great tool for people in all sorts of businesses. Maybe your iPad is an adjunct to your computer, or maybe it's your primary computer. Either way, this book has you covered.

About This Book

Who you may be, dear reader, varies widely. Maybe you've been using an iPad for entertainment and other personal activities, or maybe you're completely new to the iPad. Maybe you're self-employed, or part of a small business that has little or no tech support. Maybe you work for a big company that has an IT department to both help you and impose rules on how you can use your iPad at work. The type of business the readers of this book do also varies widely.

That's why I cover a wide range of activities that you may do with your iPad for the purpose of work. I also cover multiple tools that you might use for each kind of task, because the right tool for you might not be the right tool for someone else.

This book helps you select and use the right tools for your work needs, as well as use the iPad effectively and safely in your work environment by addressing issues such as keeping work and personal information separate.

Here’s one thing this book won't do: Teach you the basics of the iPad. Many good books are available to show you how to use the iPad itself, and several of those books come from the publisher ...

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