Chapter 2

Setting Up Your Own iPad for Work

In This Chapter

arrow Creating your sign-in and account credentials

arrow Figuring out where to back up your iPad’s contents

arrow Configuring your iPad for business email, contacts, and calendars

arrow Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi

A new iPad comes with Apple’s software already installed or available for download from the App Store. Plus you can get additional apps from the App Store from other providers. But having apps on your iPad doesn’t mean that it’s ready to use for business yet — you need to set up both the iPad and some apps to work where you do.

For example, you need to set up the Wi-Fi connections so that your iPad is connected to your home and work networks, as well as to networks you might use elsewhere, such as at your favorite cafe. You also need to set up your email accounts so that you can access your email from your iPad. Ditto with contacts, calendars, and more.

This chapter explains the setup steps you need to take to get your iPad ready for business. You discover why you might want to have separate Apple and iCloud IDs rather than ...

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