Chapter 18

Working with PDFs and ePubs

In This Chapter

arrow Reading PDF files directly in Safari, Mail, and other apps via Quick Look

arrow Reading and organizing ePub files in iBooks

arrow Annotating and adjusting PDF files in GoodReader, PDF Expert, and Adobe Reader

arrow Exporting Pages documents to the ePub format

The PDF (Portable Document Format) file is the one way to share richly formatted documents and know that everyone will see the same thing you do. The iPad can display PDF contents, but you can also get apps that let you create PDFs and annotate existing ones.

Sometimes you may also want to read or create an ePub (the most common e-book format) instead for a better tablet reading experience. You can do that, too!

In this chapter, I explain how to read PDF files, annotate them, and create them, as well as how to read and create ePub files on your iPad.

Reading PDFs through Quick Look

The iPad’s iOS has a feature called Quick Look that lets apps preview files in popular file formats. For example, if you get an attachment in Mail, you can tap the attachment to have Quick Look display it in ...

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