Chapter 21

Ten Useful Utilities

In This Chapter

arrow Crunching the numbers with Calculator HD, Calc, and Units

arrow Going from printer to iPad with Scanner Pro — and from iPad to printer with Print Center

arrow Traveling smarter with Clock, Weather Channel, and Yahoo Weather

arrow Automating activities across your apps with IFTTT

arrow Finding friends and lost iPads with Find My Friends and Find My Phone

Some apps just don’t fit in the major categories of apps that a business user may need. The PC industry calls those odds and ends “utilities” — and so do I! Here, I’ve gathered utility apps that I suspect you’ll find really useful in your daily use of the iPad, some for when you travel and others no matter where you are.

Doing the Math with Calculator HD and Calc

Even though computers have probably replaced a lot of what used to be on your desk (paper, especially), and a smartphone has probably replaced your wristwatch, I bet you have a pocket calculator on your desk.

Crunching the numbers with Calculator ...

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