iPad for Digital Photographers

Book description

Discover innovative ways to strengthen your photography business with your iPad

Many photographers are turning to the flexible, easy-to-use tools of the iPad and relying on them to wear a variety of hats in their photography business. Whether portable portfolio, editing tool, payment-tracking system, or appointment calendar, the iPad melds together the best attributes of the cell phone and a laptop computer and this unique book highlights them all. With this helpful resource, you'll learn how to get the most out of your iPad to not only improve your business but also enhance your photography.

  • Details how to use your iPad to schedule client appointments, accept payments, sign model releases, track business expenses, and more

  • Teaches you how to take advantage of the hi-res display, cellular and WiFi connectivity, and powerful processor to increase efficiency

  • Covers ways to use the iPad on location with on-the-fly editing techniques

  • Offers suggestions for using the iPad as a backup storage device and how to use it in the studio

  • Features a chapter on shooting movies with your iPad

iPad for Digital Photographers shows you how to leverage the strengths of the iPad to enhance your photography and your business.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. The Tools of the Trade
    2. A Note on Conventions
    3. Practicing What I Preach
    4. Meet Me in the Lounge
    5. About the Author
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. Dedication
  2. Adding Pictures to Your iPad
    1. Taking Pictures with the iPad Camera
    2. Basics of Handheld Photography with the iPad
    3. Steadying the Camera for Higher Quality
    4. Software with a Bit More Control
    5. Importing with the Camera Connection Kit or Lightning Camera Adapters
    6. Basic Maneuvers in the Photos App
    7. How the iPad Handles JPEG and RAW Files
    8. Wireless Transfer from Camera to iPad via Eye-Fi
    9. Wireless Transfer via the Toshiba FlashAir Card
    10. Cameras with Built-in Wi-Fi
    11. Sending Images from iPhone to iPad
    12. Beaming Pictures via iPhoto
    13. Choose the Approach That’s Right for You
  3. Organizing Your Photos
    1. Organizing Photos in the Photos App
    2. Organizing with iPhoto for iOS
    3. Photo Shack HD
    4. Sample Workflows for Organizing
    5. Putting It All Together
  4. Editing Your Photos
    1. Accomplishing Basic Editing in the Photos App
    2. Editing in iPhoto for iOS
    3. Editing in Photogene for iPad
    4. Editing in Snapseed
  5. Transferring from the iPad to a Computer
    1. Transferring from an iPad to a Windows PC
    2. Transferring from an iPad to a Mac
    3. Transferring from an iPad via iTunes
    4. Transferring from an iPad to Adobe Lightroom
    5. Transferring from an iPad to iPhoto or Aperture on a Mac
    6. Transferring from an iPad via PhotoSync
    7. Transferring from an iPad via Photo Transfer
    8. Cleaning Up Transferred Images
  6. Transferring from the iPad to the Cloud
    1. What Is the Cloud?
    2. Using Apple’s iCloud
    3. Taking Control of Your Photo Stream
    4. Using Other Cloud Services
  7. Presenting Your Mobile Portfolio
    1. Basic Portfolio Guidelines
    2. Building a Basic Portfolio
    3. Showing Your Portfolio on an HDTV
    4. Using the Animated Picture Frame Presentation
    5. Preparing Images for Portfolio Display
    6. Moving the Pictures from a Computer to an iPad via PhotoSync
    7. Moving the Pictures from Computer to iPad via iTunes
    8. Using Other Portfolio Apps
    9. Pulling It All Together
  8. Shooting, Editing, and Sharing Movies
    1. What Do I Mean When I Say “Record a Movie”?
    2. Holding the iPad Steady for a Video Shoot
    3. Making Time-Lapse Movies
    4. Recording a Time-Lapse Movie with iStopMotion
    5. Editing Video in iMovie for iOS
    6. Transferring Your Movies to a Computer
  9. Taking Care of Business
    1. Weather
    2. Mapping
    3. Checklists
    4. Documents
    5. Personal Reference
    6. Model Releases
    7. Calculators
    8. Invoicing
    9. Finance Management
    10. Calendars
    11. Printing from the iPad
  10. Transporting an iPad and Camera
    1. Basic Items for Transport
    2. Designing Your Carrying Solution
  11. Tips for the Road Warrior
    1. Staying Charged
    2. Using the Best Connection
    3. Backing Up as You Go
    4. Entering Data with Dexterity
    5. Reference Documents
    6. Choosing the Right Device for the Job
  12. Choosing the Best iPad
    1. Size Considerations
    2. Connectivity Considerations
    3. Storage Considerations
    4. Price Considerations
    5. Feeling Comfortable with the Investment
  13. iPad® for Digital Photographers
    1. Legal and Copyright Information
    2. Credits

Product information

  • Title: iPad for Digital Photographers
  • Author(s): Derrick Story
  • Release date: April 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118718490