Chapter 8

iPad Videography

In This Chapter

arrow Finding and playing videos

arrow Restricting movies

arrow Capturing, editing, and deleting video on your iPad

arrow Facing up to FaceTime


Picture this scene: The smell of popcorn permeates the room as you and your family congregate to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster. A motion picture soundtrack swells up. The images on the screen are stunning. And all eyes are fixed on the iPad.

Okay, here comes the reality check. The iPad is not going to replace a wall-sized high-definition television as the centerpiece of your home theater, even if you have the comparatively mammoth 12.9-inch Retina display on the iPad Pro. Then again, it’s worth pointing out that the gorgeous near-10-inch Retina displays on third-generation and later iPads has a higher-resolution screen than even the high-definition television in your living room. But you shouldn’t have an inferiority complex if you have one of the displays on an iPad 2. Those screens look terrific, too, even when ...

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