iPad For Seniors For Dummies, 11th Edition

Book description

Get caught up with the latest iPad features

An iPad can be so many things: an entertainment hub, a way to stay in touch with the world, a productivity tool, and many other things. iPad For Seniors For Dummies focuses on helping iPad users who are experienced in life—but not in technology. 

In this friendly, easy-to-follow guide, you’ll find out how to fire up any model of iPad, connect to the internet, and use applications to play games, watch movies, listen to music, chat via video, update your social accounts, read the news, or just about anything else you'd want to do.

  • Teach your iPad to answer your commands
  • Stay connected with email, social apps, and video chat
  • Cue up music and movies
  • Find endless ways to let your iPad entertain you

If you’re anywhere from 50 to 100 and want to find accessible guidance on making the most of your iPad, you’re in good hands!


Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Icons Used in This Book
    4. Beyond the Book
    5. Where to Go from Here
  3. Part 1: Getting to Know Your iPad
    1. Chapter 1: Buying Your iPad
      1. Discover the Newest iPads and iOS 12
      2. Choose the Right iPad for You
      3. Decide How Much Storage Is Enough
      4. Know What Else You May Need: Internet and Computer
      5. Choose Wi-Fi Only or Wi-Fi + Cellular
      6. Consider iPad Accessories
      7. Explore What’s in the Box
      8. Take a First Look at the Gadget
    2. Chapter 2: Exploring Your iPad
      1. See What You Need to Use iPad
      2. Turn On iPad for the First Time
      3. Meet the Multitouch Screen
      4. Say Hello to Tap and Swipe
      5. The Dock
      6. Display and Use the Onscreen Keyboard
      7. Use the Split Keyboard
      8. Flick to Search
      9. Easily Switch Between Apps
      10. Use Slide Over and Split View
      11. Examine the iPad Cameras
      12. Discover Control Center
      13. Understand Touch ID
      14. Lock Screen Rotation
      15. Explore the Status Bar
      16. Take Inventory of Preinstalled Apps
      17. Lock iPad, Turn It Off, or Unlock It
    3. Chapter 3: Beyond the Basics
      1. Update the Operating System to iOS 12
      2. Charge the Battery
      3. Sign into an iTunes Account for Music, Movies, and More
      4. Sync Wirelessly
      5. Understand iCloud
      6. Turn on iCloud Drive
      7. Setup iCloud Sync
      8. Browse Your iPad’s Files
    4. Chapter 4: Managing and Monitoring iPad Usage
      1. Meet Screen Time
      2. Create Some Downtime
      3. Allow Certain Apps During Downtime
      4. Set App Limits
      5. Set Content and Privacy Restrictions
  4. Part 2: Beginning to Use Your iPad
    1. Chapter 5: Making Your iPad More Accessible
      1. Use Magnifier
      2. Set Brightness and Night Shift
      3. Change the Wallpaper
      4. Set Up VoiceOver
      5. Use VoiceOver
      6. Make Additional Vision Settings
      7. Use iPad with Hearing Aids
      8. Adjust the Volume
      9. Set Up Subtitles and Captioning
      10. Turn On and Work with AssistiveTouch
      11. Turn On Additional Physical and Motor Settings
      12. Focus Learning with Guided Access
    2. Chapter 6: Conversing with Siri
      1. Activate Siri
      2. Understand All That Siri Can Do
      3. Get Suggestions
      4. Call Contacts via FaceTime
      5. Create Reminders and Alerts
      6. Add Tasks to Your Calendar
      7. Play Music
      8. Get Directions
      9. Ask for Facts
      10. Search the Web
      11. Send Email, Messages, or Tweets
      12. Use Dictation
      13. Translate Words and Phrases
      14. Type Your Commands or Questions
    3. Chapter 7: Expanding Your iPad Horizons with Apps
      1. Explore Senior-Recommended Apps
      2. Search the App Store
      3. Get Applications from the App Store
      4. Organize Your Applications on Home Screens
      5. Organize Apps in Folders
      6. Delete Apps You No Longer Need
      7. Offload Apps to Keep Data
    4. Chapter 8: Managing Contacts
      1. Add a Contact
      2. Sync Contacts with iCloud
      3. Assign a Photo to a Contact
      4. Add Social Media Information
      5. Designate Related People
      6. Delete a Contact
    5. Chapter 9: Getting Social with Your iPad
      1. Understand Who Can Use FaceTime
      2. Make a FaceTime Call with Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (LTE)
      3. Accept and End a FaceTime Call
      4. Switch Views
      5. Set Up an iMessage Account
      6. Use Messages to Address, Create, and Send Messages
      7. Read Messages
      8. Clear a Conversation
      9. Send Emojis in Place of Text
      10. Use the App Drawer
      11. Send and Receive Audio
      12. Send a Photo or Video
      13. Send a Map of Your Location
      14. Understand Group Messaging
      15. Activate the Hide Alerts Feature
      16. Find and Install Social Media Apps
      17. Create a Facebook Account
      18. Create a Twitter Account
      19. Create an Instagram Account
    6. Chapter 10: Browsing with Safari
      1. Connect to the Internet
      2. Explore Safari
      3. Navigate among Web Pages
      4. Use Tabbed Browsing
      5. View Browsing History
      6. Search the Web
      7. Add and Use Bookmarks
      8. Save Links and Web Pages to Safari Reading List
      9. Send a Link
      10. Adjust Privacy Settings
      11. Print a Web Page
      12. Understand iCloud Tabs
    7. Chapter 11: Working with Email in Mail
      1. Add an Email Account
      2. Manually Set Up an Email Account
      3. Open Mail and Read Messages
      4. Reply To or Forward Email
      5. Create and Send a New Message
      6. Format Email
      7. Search Email
      8. Mark Email as Unread or Flag for Follow-Up
      9. Create an Event from Email Contents
      10. Delete Email
      11. Organize Email
      12. Create a VIP List
  5. Part 3: Enjoying Media
    1. Chapter 12: Shopping the iTunes Store
      1. Explore the iTunes Store
      2. Find a Selection
      3. Preview Music, a Video, or an Audiobook
      4. Buy a Selection
      5. Rent Movies
      6. Use Apple Pay and Wallet
    2. Chapter 13: Reading Books
      1. Discover E-Reading
      2. Find Books with Apple Books
      3. Explore Other E-Book Sources
      4. Buy Books
      5. Navigate a Book
      6. Adjust Brightness in Apple Books
      7. Change the Font Size and Type
      8. Search in Your Book
      9. Use Bookmarks and Highlights
    3. Chapter 14: Enjoying Music and Podcasts
      1. View the Library Contents
      2. Create Playlists
      3. Search for Music
      4. Play Music
      5. Shuffle Music
      6. Use AirPlay
      7. Find and Subscribe to Podcasts
      8. Play Podcasts
    4. Chapter 15: Taking and Sharing Photos
      1. Take Pictures with the iPad Cameras
      2. View an Album
      3. View Individual Photos
      4. Edit Photos
      5. Organize Photos
      6. Share Photos with Mail, Twitter, or Facebook
      7. Share a Photo Using AirDrop
      8. Share Photos Using iCloud Photo Sharing
      9. Work in iCloud Photo Library
      10. Print Photos
      11. Delete Photos
    5. Chapter 16: Creating and Watching Videos
      1. Capture Your Own Videos with the Built-In Cameras
      2. Play Movies or TV Shows with TV
      3. Turn On Closed-Captioning
      4. Delete a Video from the iPad
  6. Part 4: Living with Your iPad
    1. Chapter 17: Keeping on Schedule with Calendar and Clock
      1. View Your Calendar
      2. Add Calendar Events
      3. Add Events with Siri
      4. Create Repeating Events
      5. View an Event
      6. Add Alerts
      7. Search for an Event
      8. Create a Calendar Account
      9. Use a Family Calendar
      10. Delete an Event
      11. Display Clock
      12. Delete a Clock
      13. Set an Alarm
      14. Set Bedtime and Waking Alerts
      15. Use Stopwatch and Timer
    2. Chapter 18: Working with Reminders and Notifications
      1. Create a Reminder
      2. Edit Reminder Details
      3. Schedule a Reminder by Time or Location
      4. Create a List
      5. Sync with Other Devices and Calendars
      6. Mark as Complete or Delete a Reminder
      7. Set Notification Types
      8. View Notification Center
      9. Get Some Rest with Do Not Disturb
    3. Chapter 19: Making Notes
      1. Open a Blank Note
      2. Use Copy and Paste
      3. Insert a Picture
      4. Add a Drawing
      5. Apply a Text Style
      6. Create a Checklist
      7. Delete a Note
    4. Chapter 20: Getting the News You Need
      1. Read Your News
      2. See Who or What Is in the Spotlight
      3. Follow Favorite Channels and Topics
    5. Chapter 21: Using Utilities and Playing Games
      1. Record Voice Memos
      2. Measure Distances
      3. Purchase and Download Games
    6. Chapter 22: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your iPad
      1. Keep the iPad Screen Clean
      2. What to Do with a Nonresponsive iPad
      3. Update the iOS Software
      4. Get Support
      5. Find a Missing iPad
      6. Back Up to iCloud
  7. Index
  8. About the Author
  9. Connect with Dummies
  10. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: iPad For Seniors For Dummies, 11th Edition
  • Author(s): Dwight Spivey
  • Release date: December 2018
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119539148