Chapter 11

Shopping the iTunes Store


Bullet Explore the iTunes Store

Bullet Preview music, videos, and audiobooks

Bullet Find and buy selections

Bullet Rent a movie

Bullet Use Apple Pay, Wallet, and Family Sharing

The iTunes Store app lets you easily shop for music, movies, and TV shows. As Chapter 12 explains, you can also get electronic books and audiobooks via Apple’s Books app.

In this chapter, you discover how to find content in the iTunes Store. You can download the content directly to your iPad or to another device and then sync it to your iPad. With the Family Sharing feature, which I cover in this chapter, as many as six people in a family can share purchases using the same credit card. Finally, you find out how to use Apple Pay to make real-world purchases using a stored payment method.

TipChapter 3 tells you how to sign in to iTunes and, if you don’t have an iTunes (Apple ID) account, how to ...

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