Chapter 8

Reading on the iPad

In This Chapter

arrow Assessing the value of e-books

arrow Checking out e-books for younger readers

arrow Reading documents on your iPad

arrow Comparing popular e-book reading apps

arrow Finding free e-books for your library

arrow Starting down the e-textbook path

If you’re old enough to be parenting or educating, you probably love the smell of printed paper just as much as I do. Printed books won’t be disappearing quite yet, but there’s no question that the whole publishing industry is in a period of transition. Many large retailers have closed, and the number of digital reading devices and e-books sold continues to rise dramatically. The popularity of e-books is partly due to their convenience factor. Browse books online; read samples; and, with the tap of a button, order a book that arrives on your device within a minute or so. However, convenience alone wouldn’t explain the degree of ...

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