Chapter 17

Directing Your Own Screencasts

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring the role of screencasting in education

arrow Creating simple screencasts with ScreenChomp

arrow Designing more elaborate screencasts with Explain Everything

arrow Recording your iPad screen directly with Display Recorder

A screencast is basically a recording of the interactions you see on a computer screen. For example, you might create a software tutorial by recording menu selections and button clicks on your laptop as you narrate the process. You may want to critique a piece of art by displaying it onscreen and commenting as you zoom and point at sections of the painting. Screencasting is a simple process that has many educational applications, some of which I discuss in this chapter.

technicalstuff_4c.eps Screencasting on the iPad differs slightly from traditional screencasting on computers. If technical discussions bore you to tears, feel free to put your fingers in your ears and jump quickly to the next paragraph. Screencasting software runs in the ...

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