Chapter 19

Creating Multimedia Conversations

In This Chapter

arrow Examining the educational role of multimedia conversations

arrow Creating a VoiceThread project

arrow Commenting on shared VoiceThreads

arrow Managing student accounts and sharing options

You’ve probably used presentations at some point at school or work. They can be an effective way to deliver information visually, but one of their drawbacks is that the information flows in one direction. They tend to become lectures. It’s always ironic to sit in a presentation that calls for more communication and collaboration in education . . . yet the presenter spends the entire session giving a frontal lecture. Education thrives in an atmosphere of interaction and dialogue.

VoiceThread ( is a unique site that enables you to create web-based multimedia slide shows that encourage conversation among the audience. It has been used successfully in many schools for several years and can be accessed by logging into the site — and now there’s even an app that enables you to create and contribute to VoiceThread conversations directly on ...

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