Chapter 21


In This Chapter

arrow Using Keynote to create and present a presentation

arrow Delivering a PowerPoint presentation on an iPad

As I discuss in Chapter 1, I’m not an advocate for frontal lecturing in school. The use of technology should focus on empowering students to research, explore, discover, and create. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that there’s isn’t any need for teachers to lecture and demonstrate on occasion. Teachers still need to teach core skills, present important information, facilitate classroom discussions, and more.

In this chapter, I look at a couple of ways to deliver presentations on an iPad:

check.png Creating and delivering the presentation with Keynote on an iPad

check.png Creating presentations on a computer and then displaying them on an iPad

Either way works, and you can create your presentation in whatever method seems more convenient to you. I also give you a sneak peek of a new presentation platform — SlideShark — that allows you to deliver a presentation complete with interactive components that check and report on student comprehension.

Creating a Keynote Presentation ...

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