Chapter 22

Digitizing the Whiteboard

In This Chapter

arrow Capturing and saving projected content

arrow Projecting your computer from your iPad

arrow Annotating over anything onscreen

arrow Collaborating and sharing whiteboards

If you’ve read a significant portion of the 21 chapters that precede this one, you know I’m not a fan of the “sage on the stage,” frontal content delivery approach to education. It’s unfortunate that large chunks of school technology budgets are used to invest in technology such as interactive whiteboards that primarily reinforce frontal teaching pedagogies.

Most of this book focuses on putting technology into the hands of students and empowering them to use it as a learning tool. Having said that, even the most student centric educational environments still need some amount of instruction. It can, however, be done relatively easily and inexpensively without the need to use large amounts of budget money for expensive digital equipment and projection systems.

In this chapter, I take a brief look at some options you have for projection. I also break down digital whiteboard apps into ...

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