Chapter 18

Releasing Your Inner Artist

In This Chapter

arrow Finger painting with your Doodle Buddy

arrow Assembling a Felt Board masterpiece

arrow Annotating images with Skitch

arrow Using Brushes to create more detailed, layered art

The iPad, and tablet computing in general, progressed rapidly from simple media consumption devices to devices that enable content creation and sharing. One of the areas where that’s most evident is in the development of apps for producing different forms of art and media.

In this chapter, you’re going to break out your virtual painting smocks and get your fingers dirty creating art. Also, don’t assume that art is limited to that hour or two a week that kids go to their art lesson. Most traditional academic disciplines have artificial boundaries. They cross over and have relevance in other subject areas as well. Art can be used effectively in English literature, history, and most other subjects. Can you find or create music or art that represents the theme of a book? Some students who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally or with text would excel if given the opportunity ...

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