Chapter 21

Developing Digital Portfolios

In This Chapter

arrow Defining the requirements of an effective e-portfolio system

arrow Exploring components that constitute an individual e-portfolio

arrow Examining different tools for archiving and sharing student work

Employers are placing increasingly greater importance on seeing evidence of what job applicants have accomplished, and traditional resumes are slowly giving way to “e-portfolios” as the primary factor in determining an applicant’s merit. Given the amount of work that is now stored in digital format, maintaining and presenting an impressive e-portfolio has never been easier.

An e-portfolio is both a storage system for digital files and a presentation platform for your best work — whether that be written pieces, photography, videos, presentations, performances, or anything else. There’s no better place than school to start creating e-portfolios that demonstrate individual development and growth. E-portfolios can be a vehicle for showcasing talents and achievements, a tool for important self-reflection and deeper learning, or even a viable alternative to more traditional forms of assessment. Students can also be given ownership of their academic ...

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