Modeling the iPad Classroom

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.

— William Butler Yeats

Teachers around the world are starting to recognize the potential of technology to innovate and reform our educational systems. This appendix is for those teachers. It isn’t easy when you have to deal with ever-increasing class sizes and work within the constraints of compulsory testing procedures. Slowly but surely, however, teachers are recognizing the transformative potential of technology to empower students and change the ways in which they learn. It’s the recognition that education in the 21st century is about developing lifelong learning habits.

Chapter 11 takes a close look at a series of sample math and science lessons. This appendix presents a small additional sampling from teachers across all disciplines who are striving to use technology in unique and innovative ways. I’m extremely grateful for their participation in the book and for the work they do with children every day.

Creating a Band for Students with Disabilities

Submitted by

Mairi Adkin, Ashcraig Secondary School, Glasgow, Scotland

Grade level

S1-S6 Music


Students with disabilities used iPads to play music and participate in performances.


Provide and expand musical experiences for students with physical disabilities. Develop ability to work independently and collaboratively.


Apps such as Yamaha NoteStar, GarageBand, Beamz, Piano ...

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