Chapter 4

Creating an Application Road Map

What's in this Chapter?

  • How to identify apps as part of your mobile strategy
  • Brainstorming about what's possible
  • Examples of industry-specific vertical apps
  • Examples of cross-industry horizontal apps
  • Understanding internal vs. external-facing apps
  • How to strategically prioritize the potential applications

The iPad is a powerful platform, but applications are what give the iPad its full business potential. In order to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your organization's expenditures on mobility, you must leverage the platform with applications that provide true value to the business.

As you develop and evolve a mobile strategy for your organization, one of the most important aspects of your strategy and plan will center on applications. In previous chapters we discussed developing an enterprise mobile strategy that revolves around specific business drivers, goals, and objectives.

In this chapter, we're going to take a look at the process of developing an application road map in the context of an over-arching mobile strategy. This is done by identifying potential applications, organizing the apps, evaluating them, and prioritizing them by relative cost, benefit, and risk to the business.

Identifying Potential Applications

In identifying potential applications for your enterprise, it's often beneficial to conduct a brainstorming session.

This brainstorming exercise can be performed by an individual or a small team, but my experience ...

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