Chapter 18

Provisioning and Configuring the Devices

What's in this Chapter?

  • Understanding the SCEP enrollment process
  • What provisioning profiles are and how they work
  • How to use configuration profiles for iOS deployments
  • Using the iPhone Configuration Utility
  • Creating configuration profiles programmatically
  • Using third-party vendors for configuration tools

In the last chapter you examined some of the strategic and logistical issues with facilitating an iOS deployment within the enterprise. In this chapter, you're going to dig a little deeper into some of the mechanisms described in the last chapter and see how the technologies and processes for provisioning and configuring iOS devices actually work.

You'll start by digging into the enrollment process through a mechanism called SCEP, or Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol, which allows the device to uniquely and securely be enrolled into an enterprise environment. Then you'll take a look at exactly what configuration and provisioning profiles are, what they do, and how they differ from each other.

Next you'll examine the different types of configuration “payloads” that can be distributed as part of a configuration profile, and how the iPhone Configuration Utility can be used to quickly and easily create configuration profiles. You'll consider the XML-based contents of a configuration profile and how these can be programmatically generated as part of any type of in-house self-service portal or other custom system. You'll also ...

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