Chapter 6

Text Messaging


Bullet iMessages compared with their SMS and MMS sisters

Bullet Sending text messages

Bullet Shipping messages with photos, videos, and other media

Bullet Reading and managing text messages

Bullet Using the Messages app

Bullet Jazzing up iMessages

Tech fads come and go with an inevitability and regularity that would be the envy of the tides themselves. As I write this, artificial intelligence bots — particularly generative AI apps such as ChatGPT — have the tech world mesmerized. A couple of years ago it was Bitcoin and the blockchain (whatever that was). Before that it was virtual reality and the metaverse (whatever that was). It’s likely that by the time you read these words, the world’s nerds will be oohing and aahing over some other shiny tech trinket. Sic transit gloria mundi and all that.

Ah, but while the vulture — oops, I mean venture — capitalists and tech bros have been busy ...

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