Chapter 18

Ten Hints, Tips, and Shortcuts


Bullet Connecting your iPad to external devices

Bullet Making your iPad just a little less annoying

Bullet Locating a lost iPad

Bullet Making the most of your dock

Bullet Taking a picture with your volume buttons

If someone asked me to pick my ten favorite iPad features, I’d probably say something like, “How could I? It would be like picking my ten favorite children!” (Then to myself, I’d snicker and think, “Ho, ho, I don’t even have ten children!”) However, my editor just sighed and asked once again, “Could you please just pick your ten favorite iPad features. Thanks!” Okay, for her — and especially for you, dear reader — I’ve put together ten of my favorite hints, tips, and shortcuts. Enjoy!

Using a Mac Mouse and Keyboard with Your iPad

The iPad is a handy device, for sure, but how often have you thought to yourself, “Man, if this baby had a mouse and keyboard, I could rule the world!” What’s that? You’ve never thought that? Really. Well, no matter, trust ...

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