Chapter 6How Do I Make the Most of E-mail?

As more people start texting, tweeting, and Skyping, the more old-fashioned e-mail seems. Yes, reading and composing e-mail is dishwater dull, but do you know what else it is? It’s universal. Almost everyone who’s online has an e-mail account, and it remains the best way to get in touch and exchange information (at least digitally). Your iPad or iPad mini comes with a decent e-mail app that’s easy to use, but there are still plenty of tricks and techniques you should know to help you get the most out of Mail on your tablet.


Managing Your E-mail Accounts

The Mail app is a nice e-mail program that makes the most of the two iPad or iPad mini orientations. In portrait mode, you see a big version of the current message, complete with embedded photos and other media. In landscape mode, you get a two-pane view with your Inbox messages in one pane and the current message in the other. Landscape mode is great for composing messages because you get the larger keyboard and a nice, big compose window.

The Mail app also has a few features and settings that make it ideal for doing e-mail away from your desk. First, however, you have to set up your tablet with one or more e-mail accounts.

Syncing your e-mail accounts

The Mail app is most useful when it’s set up to use an e-mail account that you also use on your computer. That way, when you’re on the ...

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