Chapter 13How Can I Navigate My World with iPad?

Dedicated GPS (Global Positioning System) devices have become gasp-inducingly popular over the last few years because it’s not easy finding your way around in a strange city or an unfamiliar part of town. Deciphering hastily scribbled directions or a possibly out-of-date map is hard and error prone. However, dedicated devices, whether they’re music players, e-book readers, or GPS receivers, are being replaced by multifunction devices that can do it all, including display maps. In this chapter, I cover how to take advantage of the iPad or iPad mini’s multifunction prowess using the amazingly useful Maps app.


Finding Your Way with Maps and GPS

When you’re out in the real world trying to navigate your way between the proverbial points A and B, the questions often come thick and fast: Where am I now? Which turn do I take? What’s the traffic like on the highway? Can I even get there from here? Fortunately, the answers to these and similar questions are now just a few finger taps away.

That’s because the iPad and iPad mini come loaded not only with a way-cool Maps app, but they also have a built-in GPS receiver. Now your tablet knows exactly where it is (and so, by extension, do you), and it can help you get where you want to go. However, just to be clear about it your tablet only has GPS if you have the cellular model. Fortunately, ...

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