Chapter 14: How Do I Protect or Fix My iPad or iPad mini?

Your iPad or iPad mini is a tablet, but that humble word doesn’t begin to do it justice. After all, you can use it to surf the web, send and receive e-mail, manage contacts and schedules, shoot pictures and videos, and much more. This versatility also means that your iPad is jammed with tons of information about you. Although you might not store nuclear launch codes on your device, chances are what is on there is pretty important. Therefore, you should take steps to protect your iPad and fix it should anything go wrong.

Protecting Your Tablet with a Passcode

Unlocking Your iPad with a Fingerprint

Configuring Your Tablet to Sleep Automatically

Backing Up Your Tablet

Configuring Parental Controls

Locating and Protecting a Lost iPad

General Troubleshooting Techniques

Taking Care of the Battery

Solving Specific Problems

Protecting Your Tablet with a Passcode

When your iPad or iPad mini is asleep, it is locked in the sense that tapping the touchscreen or pressing the volume controls does nothing. This arrangement prevents accidental taps when the device is rattling around in your backpack or handbag. To unlock the device, press either the Home button or the Sleep/Wake button, and then drag across the screen and you’re back in business.

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