Chapter 5. Surf the Web

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You’ll learn to:

  • Navigate the Web

  • Read clutter-free web pages

  • Save web pages for later reading

  • Create and organize bookmarks

  • Adjust Safari security settings

SURE, YOU CAN SURF the Web on a smartphone, but odds are you strain your neck and squint your eyes to read the tiny screen, even when you zoom in for a closer look. For most people, microbrowsing is fine on a train or waiting in line at the cineplex, but who wants to do that in a coffee shop, campus library, or on the couch?

Browsing the Web on an iPad eliminates the old strain ‘n’ squint. Its 10-inch screen shows you pretty much a whole web page at once. And forget mouse-clicking—the iPad uses a touch-sensitive version of Apple’s Safari browser, so your fingers do the walking around the Web. You jump from link to link with a tap, and zoom in on pages with a two-finger spread.

The latest version of mobile Safari, the one that arrived in October 2011, is the most facile and versatile iOS browser yet. In iOS 5 and later, it displays web pages more quickly than ever—and brings tabbed browsing, clutter-free pages, and a save-it-to-read-later feature to the tablet.

From the basics of tablet-style browsing to tips on web security, this chapter gives you the grand tour of Safari on the iPad, your wide-open window to the World Wide Web.

Take a Safari Tour

THE IPAD MAKES IT easy to get to the Web—just tap the Safari icon on ...

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