Chapter 9. Read iBooks and ePeriodicals

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You’ll learn to:

  • Browse and shop the iBookstore

  • Get free ebooks

  • Sync books across devices

  • Customize an iBook’s look

  • Read newspapers and magazines

BOOKS IN EASY-TO-USE, PAGE-TURNING form have been around since the second century or so. But now electronic books are wooing many people away from the world of ink, paper, and tiny clip-on book lights. Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and Sony’s Reader are among the big names in the ebook playground, but the iPad is right in there kicking it up as well.

With its high-resolution color touchscreen, the iPad takes the ebook experience to a new level. True, the Kindle Fire and Nook have color screens and the Fire is dramatically cheaper, but the iPad’s big bright display makes books, newspapers, and magazines look amazing.

The books themselves—especially Apple’s gorgeous new iBooks textbooks—have evolved into interactive creations. Along with access to the iPad’s built-in dictionary, many iBook titles have searchable text, hyperlinked footnotes, and embedded margin notes and bookmarks that make the whole process of reading more engaging and efficient. So flip this page to see how much fun you can have reading books, magazines, and newspapers on your iPad.

Download the iBooks App

BEFORE YOU CAN BUY and read an Apple ebook on your iPad, you have to do two things: recalibrate your brain, because Apple calls ...

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