iPad: The Missing Manual, 5th Edition

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Apple’s wildly popular iPad and new iPad Mini come jam-packed with features, like access to your media library from the Web, Siri voice control, and seamless Facebook and Twitter integration. But to tap your iPad’s potential, you need a trustworthy owner’s manual. This bestselling book shows you how to import, create, and play back media; sync and shop wirelessly; keep in touch over the Internet; and even take care of business. In addition, you'll find full coverage of iTunes 11, Apple's newly updated media manager.

The important stuff you need to know:

  • Take your media with you. Fill your iPad with music, photos, movies, TV shows, games, ebooks, and podcasts.
  • Tap new features in email. Create VIP and Flagged mailboxes, and insert photos or videos into messages on the fly.
  • Get online. Surf at warp speed with the streamlined Safari browser and the iPad’s new ultrafast WiFi connection or 4G LTE network.
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter. Update your status right from the iPad’s Camera, Photos, Maps, and Game Center apps.
  • Make photos public. Share selected photos over iCloud.
  • Find your way with Maps. Get turn-by-turn directions, soar over cityscapes in 3D, and read embedded Yelp reviews.
  • Dictate email. Speak email messages and notes and have your iPad type them up.
  • Stream with Airplay. Take stunning photos and HD video, and wirelessly beam the results to your big-screen TV.

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Table of contents

  1. The Missing Credits
    1. About the Author
    2. About the Creative Team
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. The Missing Manual Series
  2. Introduction
    1. About This Book
      1. About→These→Arrows
      2. The Very Basics
      3. About MissingManuals.com
      4. Safari® Books Online
  3. 1. Set Up Your iPad
    1. Meet the iPad
      1. The iPad With Retina Display vs. the iPad 2
      2. What’s in the Box
    2. Meet the iPad Mini
    3. Turn the iPad On and Off
    4. Find the Home Button and Cameras
    5. Activate and Set Up Your iPad Over WiFi
    6. Activate and Set Up Your iPad via USB
    7. Sync Your iPad with iTunes
      1. USB or Wi-Fi Sync?
    8. Tour iTunes
    9. Charge the iPad Battery
    10. Extend Battery Life
  4. 2. Tour Your Tablet
    1. Use the Home Button
    2. Use the Mute/Lock and Volume Buttons
    3. Connect Through iPad Jacks and Ports
    4. Add Earbuds and Earphones
    5. Your Home Screen Apps
    6. Organize Your Home Screen Icons
    7. Navigate Multiple Home Screens
    8. Make Home Screen App Folders
    9. Use the Home Button to Switch Apps
    10. Keep the iPad Screen Clean
      1. Protecting the iPad’s Screen
  5. 3. Interact with Your iPad
    1. Finger Moves for the iPad
    2. Use the Standard iPad Keyboard
    3. iPad Keyboard Shortcuts
    4. Use Multitasking Gestures on the iPad
    5. Command Your iPad with Siri
      1. Using Siri
      2. Customizing Siri
    6. Enter Text By Voice
      1. Using Dictation on the iPad
      2. Dictation Options for Older iPads
    7. Use the Split Keyboard
    8. Add an External Keyboard
      1. Bluetooth Keyboard
      2. iPad Keyboard Docks
    9. Use an International or Emoji Keyboard
      1. Delete a Keyboard
    10. Cut, Copy, Paste, and Replace Text
    11. Use the iPad’s Global Dictionary
    12. Search the iPad
    13. Print with Your iPad
      1. Managing Print Jobs
  6. 4. Get Online
    1. WiFi Versus Cellular Networks
      1. WiFi
      2. Cellular: 4G LTE, 4G, and 3G Networks
    2. Get Your WiFi Connection
    3. Use Public WiFi Hotspots
    4. Use a Cellular Data Network
    5. Pick an AT&T Service Plan
    6. Pick a Sprint Service Plan
    7. Pick a Verizon Service Plan
    8. Sign Up for Cellular Data Service
    9. Transfer an Old Data Plan to a New iPad
      1. AT&T
      2. Verizon
    10. Turn Cellular Data Service Off or On
    11. Check, Change, or Cancel Data Plans
    12. Use a Mobile Broadband Hotspot
    13. Use the iPad as a Personal Hotspot
    14. Make Video Calls with FaceTime
      1. Adjust Your FaceTime Settings
    15. Use Skype to Make Internet Calls
    16. Travel Internationally with the iPad
  7. 5. Surf the Web
    1. Take a Safari Tour
    2. Use Browser Tabs in Safari
    3. Zoom and Scroll Through Web Pages
    4. Use Safari Reader
    5. Use Safari’s Reading List
    6. Jump to Other Web Pages
    7. Use Autofill to Save Time
    8. Create and Use Bookmarks
      1. Add New Bookmarks on the iPad
    9. Make Home Screen Bookmarks
    10. Call Up Your History List
      1. Erase the History List
    11. Edit and Organize Bookmarks and Folders
    12. Sync Bookmarks
    13. Save and Mail Images from the Web
    14. Stream Web Audio and Video
    15. Work with Online Apps
    16. Use iCloud Tabs
    17. Use the Safari Action Menu
    18. Social Networking on Your iPad
    19. Surf Securely
    20. Use Other Web Browsers
  8. 6. Keep in Touch with Email and Messaging
    1. Set Up an Email Account (or Two)
      1. Copy your Desktop Mail Settings Using iTunes
      2. Set Up Mail Accounts on the iPad
    2. Tour the Mail Program
    3. Read Mail
      1. File Attachments
      2. Use Information in Mail Messages
    4. Write and Send Email
      1. Add Picture and Video Attachments to Mail Messages
    5. Format Your Messages
    6. Set Up a VIP Mailbox
    7. Flag Messages for Later
      1. The Flagged Mailbox
    8. Manage Your Email
    9. Adjust Mail Settings
    10. Webmail On the iPad
    11. POP3 and IMAP Accounts on the iPad
    12. Send Messages
    13. Use Twitter
  9. 7. Organize Your Life With the iPad’s Apps
    1. Sync Your Personal Info to the iPad
      1. Syncing With iTunes
      2. Syncing With iCloud
    2. Set Up Your Calendars
    3. Use the iPad Calendar
      1. Add a Calendar Event
      2. Edit or Delete an Event
      3. Set Up an iPad Alert
      4. Subscribe to an Online Calendar
    4. Maintain Contacts
    5. Take Notes
    6. Track Time With the iPad’s Clock
      1. World Clock
      2. Alarm
      3. Stopwatch
      4. Timer
    7. Use Reminders
    8. Use Notifications
      1. Customizing Notifications
    9. Hang Out the “Do Not Disturb” Sign
    10. Set App Privacy Settings
      1. Privacy and Location Services
    11. Find Your Way with Maps
    12. See Maps in Different Views
    13. Locate Your Position Using GPS
    14. Get Directions on the Map
      1. Turn-by-Turn Directions
    15. Use Facebook on the iPad
  10. 8. Shop the App Store
    1. Go to the App Store
    2. Tour the App Store
    3. Set Up an Apple ID
      1. Sign Up Without a Credit Card
    4. Buy, Download, and Install Apps
    5. Uninstall Apps
    6. Search for Apps
    7. Scale Up iPhone Apps
    8. Sync and Organize Apps in iTunes
    9. Adjust App Preferences
    10. Update Apps
    11. Troubleshoot Apps
  11. 9. Read iBooks and ePeriodicals
    1. Download the iBooks App
    2. Go to the iBookstore
    3. Browse and Search for Books
    4. Buy and Download a Book
    5. Find Free iBooks
    6. Sync Books Using iTunes
    7. Read Other Ebooks on the iPad
    8. Read an iBook
    9. Change the Type in an iBook
    10. Search an iBook
    11. Use the Dictionary
    12. Create Bookmarks and Margin Notes
    13. Use iBooks Textbooks
    14. Delete or Rearrange iBooks
    15. Use Newsstand for Your ePeriodicals
    16. Subscribe to ePublications
    17. Find Newspaper and Magazine Apps
  12. 10. Play Games
    1. Find iPad Games
    2. Play Games
    3. Sign Up for Game Center
    4. Get Social with Game Center
    5. More Ways to Get Your Game On
      1. Add Facebook Friends
      2. Use Game Center with OS X 10.8
      3. Beam Games to an Apple TV
      4. Control Your Xbox Game Console
    6. Play Multiplayer Games in Person
    7. Troubleshoot Games
    8. An iPad Games Gallery
  13. 11. Get Productive with iWork
    1. Meet iWork
    2. Get Started with iWork
    3. Create Documents in Pages
      1. Tips for Working with Text and Photos
    4. Create Spreadsheets in Numbers
    5. Create Presentations in Keynote
    6. Import, Export, and Share iWork Files
      1. iWork by Email
      2. iWork by iTunes Sync
      3. iWork by Online Server
    7. Troubleshooting iWork Files
      1. Getting Help with iWork
    8. Find Alternatives to iWork
  14. 12. Sync and Share Media Files Using iTunes and iCloud
    1. The iTunes 11 Window: An Introduction
    2. How iTunes Organizes Your Content
    3. Where iTunes Stores Your Files
    4. The iTunes Store
    5. The Wireless iTunes Store
    6. Check for Downloads
    7. Authorize Computers for iTunes and Home Sharing
    8. Deauthorize Your Computer
    9. Automatically Sync the iPad
    10. Manually Sync Your iPad
      1. Manual Method #1
      2. Manual Method #2
      3. Manual Method #3
    11. Troubleshoot Syncing Problems
    12. Use iTunes in the Cloud
      1. iCloud in the iTunes 11 Library
    13. Use iTunes Home Sharing on Your iPad
      1. Photo Sharing with iTunes
    14. Stream and Mirror Files with AirPlay
      1. Video Mirroring
    15. Manage Your Expectations With Up Next
    16. Use iTunes Match
  15. 13. Master iTunes On the Desktop
    1. Change the Look of the iTunes 11 Window
    2. Use the iTunes 11 MiniPlayer
    3. Change Import Settings for Better Audio Quality
    4. More Ways to Browse Your Collection
    5. Search iTunes
    6. Change a Song’s File Format
    7. Improve Your Tunes with the Graphic Equalizer
    8. Edit Song Information
    9. Edit Album Information and Song Gaps
    10. Make a New Playlist in iTunes 11
      1. Playlist-Making Method #1
      2. Playlist-Making Method #2
      3. Playlist-Making Method #3
    11. Edit or Delete a Playlist
    12. Make a Genius Playlist in iTunes
    13. Make Genius Mixes in iTunes 11
    14. You’re the Critic: Rate Your Music
    15. Smart Playlists: Another Way for iTunes to Assemble Song Sets
    16. Fetch Missing Album Art
    17. See Your iTunes Purchase History and Get iTunes Store Help
    18. Set Up Multiple iTunes Libraries
    19. Move Your iTunes Media Folder to an External Drive
    20. iTunes and Social Media
      1. Get iTunes News on Twitter
  16. 14. Manage and Play Music and Other Audio
    1. Get Music and Audio for Your iPad
      1. Import CD Tracks to iTunes
      2. Buy Music in the iTunes Store
      3. Get Music from Other Online Stores
    2. Sync Music, Audiobooks, and Podcasts
    3. Explore the Music Menu
    4. Play Music
    5. Play Audiobooks
    6. Control the Now Playing Screen
    7. Make Playlists
    8. Make Genius Playlists on the iPad
    9. Use the Podcasts App
    10. Go to School at iTunes U
    11. Make Music with GarageBand
  17. 15. Watch, Create, and Edit Videos
    1. Get Video Onto Your iPad
    2. Transfer Video from iTunes to iPad
      1. Getting Videos Into iTunes
    3. Find and Play Videos on Your iPad
      1. Zoom/Unzoom a Video
    4. Play iPad Videos on Your TV
    5. Shoot Your Own Videos
    6. Share Your Video Clips
    7. Edit Videos on the iPad
    8. Edit Videos with iMovie
    9. Video Formats That Work on the iPad
    10. Delete Videos
  18. 16. View, Shoot, Edit, and Manage Photos
    1. Get Pictures onto Your iPad
      1. Transfer Photos with iTunes
      2. Automatically Download Photos with Photo Stream
      3. Transfer Photos from Mail Messages and Web Pages
      4. Transfer Photos with iPad Camera Adapters
    2. Take Photos With the iPad’s Camera
    3. Take Portraits with Photo Booth
    4. Find Pictures on Your iPad
      1. Working with Albums
    5. View Pictures on Your iPad
      1. Share and Print Photos
      2. Delete Photos
    6. Edit Photos on the iPad
      1. Find Third-Party Photo-Editing Apps
    7. Use iPhoto for iPad
      1. Sharing Pictures with iPhoto
    8. Play Slideshows on Your iPad
    9. Play Slideshows on Your TV
    10. Change the iPad’s Wallpaper
    11. Turn the iPad into a Picture Frame
  19. 17. Back Up and Sync Your Gadgets with iCloud
    1. Set Up iCloud on Your iPad
    2. Set Up iCloud on Your Computer
    3. Using iWork with iCloud on the Web
    4. Stream Photos with iCloud
      1. Photo Stream for Windows Users
      2. Photo Stream for Mac OS X Users
      3. Photo Stream on the Apple TV
    5. Share Your Photo Stream
      1. Setting Up a Shared Photo Stream
      2. Viewing Shared Streams
      3. Deleting Photos and Shared Streams
  20. A. iPad Settings
    1. Tour the iPad’s Settings
      1. Airplane Mode
      2. WiFi
      3. Bluetooth
      4. Cellular Data (Wi-Fi + 4G/3G iPads Only)
      5. Do Not Disturb (iOS 6 only)
      6. Notifications
      7. General
      8. Sounds
      9. Brightness & Wallpaper
      10. Picture Frame
      11. Privacy (iOS 6) / Location Services (iOS 5)
      12. iCloud
      13. Mail, Contacts, Calendars
      14. Notes
      15. Reminders (iOS 6 only)
      16. Messages
      17. FaceTime
      18. Maps (iOS 6 only)
      19. Safari
      20. iTunes & App Stores (iOS 6) / Store (iOS 5)
      21. Music
      22. Videos
      23. Photos & Camera (iOS 6) / Photos (iOS 5)
      24. iBooks
      25. Newsstand
      26. iTunes U
      27. Twitter
      28. Facebook (iOS 6 only)
      29. App Preferences
  21. B. iPad Troubleshooting and Care
    1. Troubleshooting Basics
    2. Reset Your iPad
    3. Download iTunes and iTunes Updates, and Reinstall iTunes
    4. Update Your iPad’s Software
    5. Use iPad Backup Files
      1. Wireless Backup and Restore with iCloud
      2. USB Backup and Restore with iTunes
    6. Start Over: Restore Your iPad’s Software
    7. Protect Your iPad
    8. Find a Lost iPad
    9. Find an iPad Repair Shop
    10. AppleCare—What It Is and Whether You Need It
  22. Index
  23. About the Author
  24. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: iPad: The Missing Manual, 5th Edition
  • Author(s): J.D. Biersdorfer
  • Release date: December 2012
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781449325565