Appendix A. iPad Settings

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You’ll learn to:

  • Configure the way your iPad looks and sounds

  • Customize the way your apps work

  • Manage your WiFi and cellular connections

  • Add a passcode lock to your tablet

  • Set restrictions for kids

DESPITE ITS SLIM GOOD looks, any iPad big or small is, at its core, a computer. And like most computers, you can customize its settings to suit your needs. Want to make the screen less bright, flip on Location Services so the Maps app can find you, turn on Bluetooth capability, tell Siri who you are, sign up for a month of Verizon 4G LTE service, or add a new email account?

You can do it all that right in the iPad’s Settings area. In fact, unless you go in there and poke around for a bit, you may have no idea how much of the iPad you can actually fiddle with—and that’s what this appendix is for.

In addition to letting you tweak the way your iPad works, the Settings area has resetting options in case your iPad suddenly develops an attitude (and Appendix B has more on troubleshooting). So if you want to find the controls to adjust your iPad’s date and time, change your iCloud syncing preferences, turn off Siri, or power down the cellular chip in your Wi-Fi + Cellular ’Pad when the flight attendant comes around, turn the page to start your Settings walkthrough.

Tour the iPad’s Settings

TAP THE SETTINGS ICON on your iPad’s Home screen to see a list of all the slab’s features ...

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