Chapter 2. Tour Your Tablet

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You’ll learn to:

  • Use the Home button to navigate your tablet, switch apps, and control music

  • Connect your iPad through jacks and ports

  • Tour the iPad’s apps

  • Organize apps with multiple Home screens and folders

AS A NEW IPAD owner, once you get past the tablet’s setup screens and installing iTunes (if needed), the thrill of exploration and discovery can really begin. That’s where this chapter comes in—it guides you through the iPad’s physical controls and describes its built-in apps.

A full-size iPad comes with just a few switches and buttons. The iPad Mini, despite its smaller size, has the same arrangement of controls. No matter which model you own, you’ll learn what each button and switch does, and pick up tips and tricks for making them do more.

By contrast, your tablet comes with a lot of apps (20, to be exact), all neatly laid out across the Home screen (see opposite). You’ll learn what each program does and where to go in this book to find out more.

Finally, since you’ll have your fingers all over the iPad’s screen as you tour your tablet, this chapter winds up with some advice for keeping that gorgeous screen clean and the iPad itself intact as you take it with you on all your tablet-toting adventures. And speaking of adventures, turn the page to start learning about your iPad.

Use the Home Button

AS YOU MAY RECALL, you met the iPad’s round Home button () back ...

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