Chapter 6. How Can I Have Fun with My iPad's Photos?

How Can I Have Fun with My iPad's Photos?

The iPad's large, high-resolution display makes it the perfect portable photo album. No more whipping out wallet shots of your kids: Just show people your iPad photo albums! The iPad also comes with some great features that make it a breeze to browse photos and run slide shows. However, your iPad is capable of more than just viewing photos. It's actually loaded with cool features that enable you to manipulate photos and use those photos to enhance other parts of your digital life. This chapter is your guide to these features.

Getting Photos Ready for Your iPad 132

Syncing Photos 136

Getting More Out of Your iPad's Photos 141

Sharing Photos 150

Using Your iPad to Work with MobileMe Photos 151

Getting Photos Ready for Your iPad

I mentioned in this chapter's introduction that your iPad comes with features that make it almost ridiculously easy to browse photos, no matter how large your collection. That's true as far as it goes, but I should really have added a caveat: The iPad makes it easy to browse your photos if your photos have at least some semblance of organization.

To understand what I mean, and to get a sense of how much (or how little) prep work you have to do, here's a quick look at the five viewing modes offered by your iPad's Photos app:

  • Photos. Tap this button at the top of the Photos app screen to see a list of all the photos stored ...

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